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Wine and Deli Bar

Cinque Athens

About Us!

It s a wine and deli bar.The wine list contains approx 30 wines from the greek vineyard,all in a glass of 150 ml.

We offer free wine tasting of traditional and local greek grapes so you can choose wich wine  is your favorite.

Also we provide you special wine tasting of greek varieties or regions all over Greece.

The food menu contains sandwiches,toasts,plate with greek cheeses or charcuterie, greek sausage,pastrami  some authentic greek recipes and salads. You can also find homemade desserts.

Cinque Radio

World class rhytms, jazz, funk, soul. Enjoy Cinque radio live player 24 hours

Cinque`s Wine Family

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Discover the nearest winery to you and visit it.

Cinque`s Food Family


Explore the famous mediterranean nutrition by following our family.

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