A culinary journey in Greece

A culinary journey in Greece

A culinary journey in Greece

City-breaking the month before submitting your dissertation is definitely not suicidal. It could be, but if you are writing a paper on the TripAdvisor impact on restaurants, you’re safe… it’s just research. And since we’re talking about TripAdvisor, let’s jump right to the subject: a culinary pampering in the sunny Greece. Although I already have a love and hate relationship with TripAdvisor, we followed some recommendations, and they were a pure delight!

Cinque Wine & Deli Bar

This bar must be the absolute paradise for wine lovers (or foodies). If you have troubles choosing your wine, enjoy some sort of “flash back” wine tasting – a incursion in the Red Wines of Greece and their history. We went for rose, but it was a lovely experience. But to be honest, it was not the wine that impressed me the most, it was this purely inspired and instagramish Cheese, chutney and charcuterie platter – a blast! A taste of local products paired with homemade chutneys, wine jelly, cheese macaroons, sesame, and strawberries. A hidden gem, and a hidden gem made for sharing – as it was enough for three persons.

FullSizeRender (6)

Ta Karamanlidika tou Fani

This place must gather the highest number of hipsters per square meter, looking more like a local charcuterie shop and located in a not so lovely neighbourhood – I have to admit that it felt like I made the wrong choice. But it was a spicy dining experience – and not only from the chilly chutney. The cold cuts and the cheese were good value for the money – especially if you’re looking for Instagram material. And the best part – you can do your “grocery shopping” in the same time as the restaurant is also a place to shop. Marketing, isn’t it?

If you’re looking for unconventional – look for Funky Gourmet, we have not tried it, but to be honest, it looks like an excellent choice if you’re looking for some Athenian fine dining experience.

Not to look superficial – we visited Acropolis too, and it was nice. Please find evidence attached – picture(s) with cats, obviously, as there are enough cats in Greece to charm any cat lover.


And if you have the time, take the ferry to Aegina. This island is best known for its religious tourism, yet go with an open heart- there is a completely different atmosphere than in Athens – quiet and friendly, at only one and a half hour ride from the capital. Maybe these photos are overly edited, but the island is filled with local shops selling dried figs, pistachio and cozy restaurants. It’s worth paying a visit.

I am almost ashamed to admit that I have no idea what was the name of this restaurant, but the seafood was great, somewhere in a little Greek tavern on the Island of Aegina.

Athens might not be the most glamorous destination in Europe, but a sunbath in a town rich in history, orange blossom fragrance and Mediterranean cuisine goodies sound just right. If you’re looking for a getaway, keep in mind that Ryanair operates flights that start from € 26 (one way, Bucharest-Athens). Safe travels!

A culinary journey in Greece

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