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The Cinque, voted the best wine bar in Europe 2016 and the best wine bar in the world 2017, seeks to expand and reproduce the model that has made its success in cities of over 100,000 cities in Greece and abroad.

To this end he is looking for serious candidates who want to take advantage of his aura and become franchisees to implement a wine bar on the model of the Cinque which will position clearly in the best of its category. To apply please use the form below.

The Cinque wine bar in Athens was awarded best wine bar in Europe in 2016 and best wine bar in the world in 2017. This success story seeks now to expand and get reproduced in cities of more than 100.000 inhabitants in France and abroad. The exceptional Cinque profitability results from 5 years of research and development which led to a unique business model. The Cinque unique marketing positioning combined with the aura of the European and world awards are key success factors for starting up a profitable business.


Grigoris Prassas



Our first concern is to offer you always the best quality. Small certificated producers are our suppliers many years now . We are following HACCP guidelines.


From the minute you show up in our door, one of us with a very big and sincerely smile is there to accommodate you.
And then comes ..the wine and the food.


Every night we feel like having guests in our house. Everyone of you is very important since you follow the tradition like our ancestors, in ancient Greece: guest first!



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