Apostolos Mountrichas – Lenga Grigoriadou | Avantis Estate

Apostolos Mountrichas – Lenga Grigoriadou | Avantis Estate

Apostolos Mountrichas – Lenga Grigoriadou | Avantis Estate

Avantis Estate

February, the month before Spring! A month with many surprises and new innovative products.
The team of Cinque Wine Bar wants to welcome Spring and this is the reason why is presenting you a winery which refreshes your body and your soul.
As you understand, we present you Avantis Estate in Evia, which consists of Apostolos Mountrichas and his wife Lenga Grigoriadou. Avantis Estate commenced its operation in 1830 by the grandfather of Apostolos and until now has evolved into a modern winery.
Avantis Estate is an innovative Winery because what it does is to harvest not only the vineyards but also the fruits/ yields so that to maximize your pleasure. So, we present you not only the wines but also the innovative cosmetics of Avantis Estate, Lenga Grape Spa, which this year is celebrating its 10th anniversary. The wines of the Estate, which are served in Cinque Wine Bar, are Dolphins Santorini (100% Assyrtiko PDO Santorini) and Mavrokoudoura Kymis (an ancient red rare euboean grape variety).
New surprises do not stop here. Cinque Wine Bar upgrades its services through a unique cooperation with the Estate and apart from that, a new surprise waits your palate from Avantis Estate. So, stay tuned to learn more.


The Avantis Winery has ultramodern winemaking machines with modern grape collection, pneumatic press with a closed type for the facilitation of Cold extraction, the area of must and fermentation in stainless steel tanks with integrated recycling program and the crème a la crème of the wineries, Ganymede. The bottling line consists of the bottle washing machine, the bottle filling with nitrogen vacuum filling system and the rotary label applicator. There is an underground cellar for the maturation of the red wines in french barrels and a wine bar for the wine tasting of the Avantis Estate multi awarded wines.


During the year the cold winds blowing from the north by Mountain Dirfi (1743m.), dry the leaves of the vineyards, thus avoiding the development of diseases. All these are elements of a unique terroir, the microclimate of the vineyards of Avantis Estate. The varieties that have been planted are indigenous from Evia and international.

Avantis Winery in Santorini

Enchanted from the Assyrtiko variety of Santorini and from the uniqueness of the excuisite island’s terroir, the Winemaker Apostolos Mountrichas “sailed” with the Aegean Sea dolphins in Santorini in 2012, where he launhed the Santorini wines, Dolphins (Assyrtiko), Afoura (Premium Assyrtiko) and Grace (Mandilaria).
The Avantis Cellar Doors is open from 1st of May – end of November. It welcomes all the winelover to discover the high wine quality of the Avantis Wines, the greek hospitality and the Lenga grape spa moments having the most unique experience.


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