Black Kountoura of Kymi

Black Kountoura

Apostolos Mountrihas revived the local variety Black Kountoura in Kymi, Evoia. Black Kountoura is similar to Aegean Mandilaria but grapes of Black  Kountoura are smaller, have darker color and velvet tannins. It’s a great variety that French merchants were jealous of it. The vines of 60 years of age of Black Kountoura were founded by the producer, local people and agronomists. The agronomist, Konstantinos Baskietas, did many experimental winemakings and made the first new vines origined by this greek variety. It was a great effort, but worth it, because Black Kountoura produces wines which are harmonious and attractive with flavors fromt red fruits and spices.

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