Cinque Wine Deli Bar is ready
to conquer the tourist
market as well!

Cinque Wine Deli Bar is an innovative proposal, ideal for the
tourist areas of Greece.
Cinque Deli Bar

The specialized services it introduces make the concept even more unique and differentiated, ensuring a comprehensive experience for the customer. Tourists who arrive in Athens and consult TripAdvisor for their outings during their stay choose loyally Cinque Wine Deli Bar, which is at the top, with users rating it five stars.
Cinque is a suitable franchise option for the partner who wants to make his mark in the catering industry. It addresses multiple audiences, meeting both needs of the Greek and the tourist market, as the fine quality Greek wine, combined with the warmth of hospitality, has turned the store into a destination and hangout for wine lovers from all over the world.


“Plans are nothing, planning is everything,” the Cinque team tells us and presents the yachting services. Specialized sommeliers go to yachts that have arrived at a port or organize a trip to the enchanting regions of Greece. There they offer unique wine-tasting experiences for patrons who want to experience unmatched moments during their vacation. The elite team of sommeliers, the fine wines from suppliers from all over the world, the accompanying dishes, the blue background of the Aegean or the Ionian, and all this on a luxury yacht combine to create special memories for the tourists who choose Greece for their holidays.
Cinque Wine Deli Bar arrives in a rigorously studied and elite tourist has the potential to penetrate the large tourism market with a profitable concept. Through Cinque’s multiple sources of income, the strong differentiation of the idea, the high average receipt due to the varied services it offers, and the opportunities offered by the tourism space in general, the franchisee partner dynamically enters a network that is constantly evolving. All the new franchisee needs to become part of the Cinque team is the appetite for work and the love for good wine.
Cinque’s expert team is handling everything else.
From the first day it opened, Cinque Wine Deli Bar proved that it’s not a simple restaurant or wine bar. It is a specialized wine bar for wine lovers and those who want to learn the history and greatness of fine drinks. Cinque Wine Deli Bar won the gold award at the Franchise Success Awards and in the FRANCHISE BUSINESS MODEL INNOVATION category for its unique, innovative concept and excellent training system, support infrastructure, and strategic alliances for the benefit of its partners.

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