Domaine Michaelidi

The 30 acres of the privately owned vineyard by Domaine Michaelidi expand amphitheatrically in Aghios
Athanasios and Kyrgia, Drama. The place is situated in northeastern Greece, close to the site of Ancient
Philippi, in the land of Edones which boasts of a wine tradition of 2.500 years.
Back in 1924, Costas Semertzidis, grandfather of the winemaker Iordanis Michaelidis, arrived as a refugee
from Asia Minor in Kyrgia, Drama and started producing wine. The small family winery developed
significantly under Simos Michaelidis, who extended the vineyard, back in 1970, in an area called Lagotopos,
being the one who updated and modernised the overall cultivation and production of wine.
Iordanis Michaelidis took over in 2004, representing the third generation in the family
business. His aim is to create an ultramodern winery and to produce quality wines
that combine modern vinification techniques with local traditions. Anthaleia and
Melachro, the first two labels of Domaine Michaelidi, were produced under his supervision.


Assyrtiko, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Gewürztraminer, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Syrah and Montepulciano are the varieties which are cultivated in accordance with the principles of integrated management. Being in harmony with the ecosystem, they have given exceptional wines with excellent quality characteristics resulting in numerous awards both in Greece and abroad.

Nowadays, the vineyard is being expanded and Malagouzia and other Greek varieties are being planted. The experiments held on these varieties have given extremely satisfactory results.


Domaine Michaelidi’s ergonomic and fully equipped winery was constructed in 2005 and is situated next to the private vineyard. The vine harvest is brought here for the first stage of processing before being transferred to the fermentation tanks. The winery also includes the ageing cellar with the French oak barrels, the bottling line and the storehouse where bottled wine is kept.


  • Three main factors ensure that raw material gives its best:
  • Low yields, not exceeding 2,400 kilos per acre
  • Rapid transfer of grapes to the winery

Ultra-modern vinification equipment working in temperature-controlled conditions

The objective is the protection of the organoleptic characteristics of the wine grapes and the production of unique wines in a limited number of bottles


In Quality Iordanis Michaelidis keeps up and evolves a long family tradition in winemaking. His ambition is to revive the ancient vineyard and to produce quality wines worthy of their place of origin and the art of winemaking, with absolute respect in nature and in man. The production is sold to the Greek and international market. Northern Europe receives a significant proportion of the exported production. With the addition of the new vineyards, the annual production is expected to double in the next five years reaching 80.000 bottles. Domaine Michaelidi takes part in major wine exhibitions in Greece and abroad and its development strategy is based on the motto “tradition, quality, expertise.” The company believes that it is people who make the difference, employing a team of qualified scientists and experienced craftsmen in the production and processing of wine. Love of wine and dedication to achieving the best possible result drive every single person working for the company.

Available to visit:

Domaine Michaelidi

Agios Athanasios, 66300 Drama, Greece

Tel.: +30 25210 68394

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