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In NEMEA P.D.O. appellation of Greece, the vineyard is extended in a 250 m to 850 m altitude and has a great variance in the soil and climate characteristics.

There is a large variation of environmental conditions inside the P.D.O. area. Hillsides on calcareous soils and stony soils on foot slopes are considered the best for long-ageing wines.

Historically, the Nemea vineyard has roots in pre-Christian times, when the plain of Nemea was called FILISION PEDION. In 1971, it was recognized as P.D.O in accordance with the modern legislation of the P.D.O. The area of Nemea is the largest wine-growing zone in Greece and contains the areas of the central valley, Archaies Kleones, Gimnou-Leontiou, Malendreni. Archaia Nemea, Nymenou-Leontiou, Asprokambou-Psariou, Malandreniou, and of course, Koutsiou.

The winery was built in 1997 at the heart of the private vineyard in Koutsi, Nemea at an altitude of 550m. The choice of the location of our winey depended on the location of our vineyard. So, we chose Koutsi which has lower yield than the other parts of Nemea in combination with chalky, good drainage soils and cool temperatures. We strongly believe that Agiorgitiko grapes cultivated in Koutsi have higher quality than the rest zone of Nemea and are ideal for producing high-extract and oak-aged wines.

Our winery in Koutsi is a contemporary industrial building with magnificent views of the plains of Nemea and the valley of Asopos River, around 250m below.

Its capacity is to 3,060 hl of wine and the equipment and quality controls provide the oenologist the possibility to produce high quality wines. Yiannis Paraskevopoulos and his team manage every step of the winemaking process with the sole intention of producing only top quality wines. The winery strictly functions in accordance with international standards of the ISO 22.000 quality guarantee.

The winery is open to visitors throughout the year upon appointment.

Visit Nemea Winery

Gaia Nemea Winery

Koutsi, 205 00 Nemea, GR

Τ. +30 27460 22057

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