Gofas Estate


In 1959, Gofas family had the privilege to make their privately owned vineyard productive in two most eminent areas of Nemea, i.e. Koutsi and Daphne. Those days, Gofas family cultivated their land with traditional methods and produced selected wines using manually-operated means for vinification. In 1998, Constantinos Gofas, brought up viniculturist, implants new international varieties creating exemplary wine blends. C. Gofas has put into practice innovative vinification techniques and has modernized the wine-industry with new mechanical equipment, achieving production of high wine quality.


In Gofas estate, the cultivation of vineyards and the production supervision until the final stage is being done by the family and the constant supervision of their collaborators, an agriculturalist and an enologist. Gofas family applies traditional cultivation techniques, maintaining the typical characteristics of each sub-area’s microclimate. They also experiment in the most modern methods for the continuous upgrade of their wines’ quality. They closely follow up their wines’ progress in Greek and International market, aiming in their suppliers’ as well as their consumers’ best service.


Gofas estate privately-owned vineyard is 80 sq.m. and includes well-known vineyards such as Simarkou, Zennes, Kalogerovrysi, Playies Asopou and Kato Alonia. Vineyards’ cultivation is being done according to an exemplary system management in order to produce quality grapes, always under the constant supervision of agriculturalist Mr. Giorgos Tsounias. The wine varieties we produce are the following: Agiorgitiko, Roditis, Malagousia, Merlot, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Grey.


The wines of Gofas Estate are the result of hard work and personal care of the family membrs in their own vineyards. The knowledge and experience of the producers along with the supervision of the enologist Mr. Sophocles Panayiotou guarantee the excellent quality of Gofas wines, which preserve the typical characteristic of the area’s microclimate. All of Gofas’ wines are produced by the privately-owned Vineyard. The 25% of the production is extracted in several European and American countries.

Available to visit:
TELEPHONE: +30 27460 24281
MOBILE TELEPHONE: +30 69 32 40 62 63 Mr. Constantin Gofas

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