Type: Red, dry
Category: Protected Designation of Origin (PDO)
Variety: Xinomavro, Negkoska
Producer: Aidarinis
Region: Goumenissa

A single vineyard. The family’s first linear vineyard planted back in 1978. The low yield per hectare does not exceed 600 kg / ha, the harvest is  always overripe and berry selection is particularly rigorous and done manually. The varieties? What else? Xinomavro and Negoska, as they shound in this  area.

The twelve first months passed in new French oak barrels and the next six resting in the bottle.

Today, the Goumenissa Single Vineyard Domaine Aidarini, is one of the best premium Goumenissa you can enjoy. And we mean it!

Concentrated, full bodied, rich, it is among those wines you can forget in a dark corner of your cellar for 10 years, but you will not do it.

With serious aging potential over and above the three days that you will endure, the very limited production Goumenissa i Single Vineyard Domaine Aidarini represents the best side of an area with huge wine history and culture.

Of course, the history of winemaking in Aidarinis family does not lack in history, starting somewhere in the late 19th century. Continued international distinctions are the ideal reward the producer and those who love it. And we are many!

Xinomavro (also often spelled Xynomavro) is a red-wine grape originating in Greece, more particularly in northwestern Greece, in the Imathia region of Macedonia, in what are now the monovarietal appellations of Naoussa and Amynteo; Naoussa is often regarded the best source. Xinomavro is generally considered one of the dozen and a half or so of world-class red-wine grapes (those in boldface in the varietals list to the left of the page). Xinomavro is not a wine of our times (in any sense). It is a tricky devil in the vineyard: if the vineyardist lets it go, hoping to obtain quantity, quality takes a nosedive, and thin, acidic plonk results; but neither can it be made into the sort of huge Parkerized, internationalized, Shiraz-like red that is so popular today. It can only, made with care and skill, be itself, a red more like Pinot Noir or Nebbiolo in that it trades on delicacy and requires some nontrivial bottle age to get to where it should be.

Naoussa grande reserve Xinomavro Boutari Cinque wine bar Athens

Aidarinis winery is located on the eastern slopes of Mount Paiko and on soft slopes in the south of the town of Goumenissa, at an altitude of 200-250 meters. The climate is continental with cold winters and dry summers, with the bardar blowing all year round, scorching the sickness and the humidity from the neighboring valley of Axios to temper the summer heatwaves. In this excellent, for the production of fine wines, ecosystem famous Xinomavro is cultivated, along with Negoska a native red grape.

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