HERIMITIS Natural Wine

Type: White, dry
Category: Protected Geographical Indication
(PGI) Aegean Sea
Variety: Muscat of Samos
Producer: United Winemaking Agricultural Cooperative of Samos
Region: Samos

HERIMITIS Natural Wine

“Hermitis-The Hermit” originates from a remote vineyard of biodynamic cultivation at an elevation of 600 m.
It is a wine intensely aromatic, expressive, mineral, earthy and bucolic, with impressing iodized notes and
lasting aftertaste. It has fermented in small tanks and matured in barrels for 12 months. It is pairs perfectly with
all preparations containing mushrooms, such as mushroom soufflé or risotto but also beef fillet in a
mushroom sauce.

The love of Muscat White for sunlight is common knowledge. It thrives when the sun warms up its small berries, bestowing on their thick skin a freckle-dotted yellow-gold color and uniquely concentrating the variety’s aromas and flavor. As a result, small-berried Muscat White yields dessert wines of international stature (“Muscat of Patras”;“Muscat of Rio Patras”; “Muscat of Rhodes”; “Samos” ; and “Muscat of Cephalonia”).

Greek vineyard Samos Cinque wine bar Muscat white grapes

The UWC Samos is one of the oldest cooperatives in Greece and it is included in one of the biggest wineries nationally!  Samos wine is one of the basic Greek wine ambassadors abroad, with exports all over the world.  Nowadays, 2.200 producers participate in the Cooperative as members.

It was founded in 1934 after actions taken by the vine growers of the island.  The history of the Samos Cooperative through time proves that the alliance of the vine growers was a strategically important move for the preservation of viticulture and the protection of the producers’ income.

The UWC Samos receives the grapes, produces the wine and trades almost the entire production of the island.  In search of constant modernization, it invests in technology and know-how,    in harmonious combination with traditional viticulture and winemaking and in compliance with ISO and HACCP certifications.

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