Lafazanis winery

The history  

Lafazanis Winery began in 1946 when Vasilis Lafazanis started crafting wine in Piraeus.
In 1960, the Lafazanis family established its first privately-owned winery in Magoula, Attica, and in 1985, the family’s second generation laid the foundations for a high-quality, state-of-the-art winery. Ever since that time, it works seamlessly to cultivate grape varieties native to Greece and produce superb quality wines. 

In 1993, Spyros Lafazanis took the initiative to establish an even more advanced winery in the Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) Nemea zone. By showcasing Agiorgitiko band other grape varieties, he crafted new wines of exquisite quality that reflect the company’s flawless know-how and the region’s enormous potential for top quality. 

In 2005, the company decided to separate its commercial activities from its winemaking pursuits and move its commercial sector to Magoula, Attica, under the management of Georgios Lafazanis. The company’s winegrowing and winemaking sector remained in Nemea. 

In 2012, the winery began production of pomace distillates with the emphasis placed on tsipouro crafted from pomace originating in the Peloponnese’s most celebrated grape varieties. The same year, a warehouse and distribution center opened its doors in Elefsina, Attica, to offer customers improved turnaround times and facilitate its distribution activities throughout Greece. Quite recently, Spyros Lafazanis proceeded to acquire “NESTOR“, the Messinia winemaking cooperative! 

In 2016, the family’s third generation made a dynamic entrance into the Lafazanis company: Athena Lafazani became Head of the company’s Commercial Department, and Vassilis Lafazanis, a most promising viticulturist and oenologist, joined the winery’s winemaking team. Today, the Lafazanis Winery produces inspired wines through its advanced technology, its expert and seasoned staff, and the charismatic Peloponnesian land that surrounds it!

 Ancient Kleones of Nemea, 20500
 +30 27460 31450, +30 210 5547550
 +30 27460 31400

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