Type: Red, dry
Category: Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) Tirnavos
Variety: Limniona 100%
Producer: Domaine Zafeirakis
Region: Tirnavos

Limniona indigenous variety Ktima Zafeiraki Cinque wine bar Athens

The incomparable finesse of Limniona of Domaine Zafeirakis could claim fairly the title of Greek Pinot Noir. Christos Zafeirakis makes a unique Limniona with very different and refined approach than the rest. This has probably made it so original and one of the winelovers’ favorite.

Christos Zafeirakis vineyards are in Palaiomylos of Tirnavos. Since the beginning of his career his purpose was to deal with the revival of indigenous grape varieties. One of them is Limniona, which was first released in 2008. The philosophy behind Limniona includes organic farming, low yields per hectare, fermentation with indigenous yeasts and the use of large oak barrels to avoid overshadowing the fruit. The result is a refined red wine with plenty of red fruit and an earthly dimension.

It’s great now but it can age and evolve amazingly if you have patience!

Not to be confused with Lemnio, Lemniona (Limniona) is the rising star of the Greek red varieties and will be a driving force for the development of numerous top wines around Greece in the years to come. The quality potential of this red variety, used to make dry red wines, was identified when only few vines were left. Several years of research and microvinifications, bringing together numerous scientists, growers and producers, started yielding some impressive results.

a unique winery for its standards was established in Tyrnavos region in 2012. The Zafeiraki Winery is located in region “Palaiomylos” in Tyrnavos.

The soil is characterized as clay with high concentration of flint stone. With respect to the environment, our aim is to highlight the unique micro-climate in the region of Tyrnavos.

The methodology of the bio-culture in our vineyards together with the non-use of specific fermentation processes and enzymes in the production contribute to this effort. Equally important role to the quality of our wine plays the low productivity per stremma (550-600Kg).

The Zafeirakis family is involved with the viticulture in the area of Tyrnavos  for more than 100 years

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