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The Limnos Organic Wines / Savvoglou – Tsivolas, founded in 2002 with the purpose of production and marketing of quality wines and spirits from organic grapes. Its aim is to exploit the rich varietal potential of Limnos, through its privately owned vineyards, as well as the vineyards of cooperating producers. Established by John Savvoglou, Chemical Eng. -Oenology, with a twenty years of experience in the area of PDO Limnos and Muscat of Alexandria and, Pantelis Tsivolas with studies in business administration and extensive experience in the wine market. The ambition of the company is to highlight the particularly charismatic variety Muscat of Alexandria, producing – in a modern winery – except from dry aromatic wines, an array of fine sweet wines and other specialty products, in a limited number of bottles
The unit complies with all the standards of quality and hygiene and is certified according to the standard ISO 22000: 2005. As part of a broader concept of environmental protection and the health of producers and consumers, producers I. Savvoglou – P.Tsivolas have been focsed on the idea of producing goods derived exclusively from organically grown grapes, which are free from chemical fertilizers, pesticides, hormones, genetically modified substances. The vines are monitored on a permanent basis by an agriculturist and oenologist, as well as by the Organization for Audit and Certification of Bio Products, which certifies organic farming and issues the corresponding product certificate .

A few kilometers away from Myrina, in the area of Mavrabela, lies our ultra modern winery, where, respecting the tradition and utilizing of our scientific knowledge and our long-term experience in the wine sector, we produce wines of high quality, exclusively from grapes of organic cultivation, with the ambition that our products would become for some time an honorable representative of our island.
Our ultra modern winery-distillery, which is open to the public for visiting, is being inspected, controlled and certified by the Organic Products Inspection and Certification Organization, the DIO. This organization also inspects, controls and certifies the organic methods of cultivation of all the vineyards from which the raw material is derived and it provides the corresponding Products Certifications.

Savvoglou-Tsivolas producers exploit a total of around 20 hectares of vineyards (privately-owned or in co-operation with other wine growers), which are located in the regions of Agios Dimitrios, Kaspaka, Sardes, Dafni, Plaka and Kontopoulio. The cultivated varieties are mainly Muscat of Alexandria, Limnio, small amounts of Cabernet Sauvignon and Fokiano.
The vineyards are regularly inspected and controlled by a scientist agriculturist and oenologist, as well as by the Organic Products Inspection and Certification Organization, DIO, that also inspects, controls and certifies the organic methods of cultivation and provides the corresponding Products Certifications. The privately-owned vineyard, located in the area of MAVRAMPELIA, near the winery, is being under restructuring. Our current planning includes the enrichment of the vineyard with other varieties (mainly Asyrtiko) in our under construction estate in the area of Rodania, which will be open to the pubic and, in the contexts of an agrotourism program, it will provide accommodation facilities as well.

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