Muscat de Hambourg

A variety apart among various types of Muscat, Muscat de Hambourg and its blushing berries stand out. It is among the handful of varieties which, apart from being vinified, can also be consumed at meals: its grapes are delicious as eager to enchant with their aroma as they are to participate in red, rosé, and sweet wines.

Muscat de Hambourg is encountered in the vineyards of central Greece and especially those in the area of Tyrnavos where the variety holds sway. Its explosive, sweet aromas are reminiscent of clove essence and constitute one of the variety’s greatest attributes. While the low acidity and soft tannins of Muscat de Hambourg do not allow it to be vinified alone, its addition to blends proves a miraculous feat. A small quantity of Muscat de Hambourg in any blend suffices to jolt back to life even the most aromatically weak wine. Similarly, Muscat de Hambourg has no rival in the production of distillates with the distillation still acting as a magnifying glass placed on its virtues.

Rare, unusual, and modern, Muscat de Hambourg has the ability to open wide the closed doors of red wines to new consumers, inimitably complementing a meal or dinner as a refined digestif.

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