Type: White, dry
Category: Protected Designation of Origin (PDO)
Variety: Moschofilero 100%
Producer: Boutari Winery
Region: Mantiniai

Mantinia Moschofilero Boutaris Cinque wine bar

“Oropedio” meaning “High Plateau” in Greek is a wine underlining the ultimate expression of the indigenous Moschofilero variety. Grown at an altitude of 650m in the region of Mantinia, centre of the Peloponnese, in southern Greece. The grapes are protected by the mountains that surround the “plateau” which allows for the development of their precious aromas. Hand-picking of the grapes and manual sorting upon delivery, preserve the quality of the wine while its short stay in oak barrels gives it its finesse.
VINIFICATION:Classic white vinification with a short stay in barrel. Maturation for a few months in stainless steel tanks until bottling.
CHARACTERISTICS:A wine with a deep pale yellow gold hue with a aroma of wild white roses and citrus combined with a touch of grapefruit as secondary aromas. very food-friendly wine, opulent and rich on the mouthfeel and quite crisp which gives it extra freshness. One of its powerful attributes is the long and lingering aftertaste which exerts aromas very typical to moschofilero.

Anyone in pursuit of a Greek white grape variety which promises refreshment and enlivenment, all the while offering exoticism unprecedented in a Mediterranean country, should look no further than Moschofilero: it automatically springs to mind. Just as “moscho”, the first part of its name, promises this charismatic grape is the most aromatic one of the fileri grape family. Despite the reddish or grayish hue of its berries it is almost exclusively used for the production of dry whites and some sparkling wines. It is also frequently blended with other wines (including many PGI ones) where its task is to give them a “boost” by means of its superb aroma.

Our vineyard in Mantinia is located in Milia, 8 km from Tripoli. It is one of the oldest organized vineyards of the area and its presence has aided in saving and developing winemaking in the PDO area of Mantineia.

The relationship of Mantinia to viticulture is as old as its history: this is confirmed by the archaeological findings in the area and by the “grapevine of Pausanias”, possibly the oldest vine in the world. In this area Boutari established and expanded its presence in the region in 1991, through the legendary Camba’s winery that has been integrated in the Boutari family wineries.

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