Discover the terroir of Santorini For Two

In the breath-taking island of Santorini, the production of wine dates back to the time of the Bronze Age.

It is however the devastating volcanic explosion in 1650 BC, that covered the entire island with volcanic ash, lava, and pumice stone that created the foundation of this unique terroir.

Santorini’s unique Terroir

–      Climate: Typical Mediterranean climate. Relatively warm winters with lower temperatures around 8-10°C followed by warm, windy and dry summers. The surrounding Aegean Sea acts as a “climatic buffer” that softens climate (no extremes) and reduces vintage variation.

Santorini is home to some of the oldest vines in the world – allegedly some with root stocks more than 400 years old.

The only way for the grapes to survive from the direct exposure of sun and strong winds is to be protected inside low-basket-shaped vines, the ampelies, as they are called locally. This is known as the traditional “kouloura” training system.

The refreshing northerly winds that blow from July to September, known as the “meltemia”, help in lowering temperatures and allow for slower ripening of the grapes.

They also help keep the vines at bay from the numerous fungi that can result from the combination of summer heat and humidity.

Assyrtiko in Santorini

– Assyrtiko is arguably the “noblest” Mediterranean white grape variety. Indigenous to Santorini Island.

– Profile: in Santorini, it produces bone-dry white wines with unique personality and powerful character: full-bodied, well-structured with crisp acidity, rich minerality and subtle citrus aromas. They can be aged for more than 10 years.

– Maintains high acidity at ripeness and a high phenolic content with a PH level reminiscent of cool regions such as the Loire Valley.


🕐 Eight hours tour plan:

  • Transfer

A certified Cinque’s Sommelier will come to pick you up from your current hotel at the time that was arranged by the booking, and will be your personal guide for your tour until the end. The chosen transportation’s vehicle will be a Class E car, chosen for your own comfort.

  • First Stop

Reaching the first vineyard, just outside the ancient Nemea. After a short-walk around the vines, you will able to have a vertical wine tasting of the wines made from the specific grapes.

  • Second Stop

Arriving to the second Vineyard, after a short tour, you will have the chance for your second vertical wine tasting, include two different vintages.

  • Third Stop

Finally, arriving to the last destination, a third tasting will begin.

Before going back to your hotel, you’ll have the chance to visit a winery, and having the experience of the wine-making procedure (the wine-making procedure may vary depending on the season).

All the wine tastings are accompanied with snacks, and water. A Book about the wine region of Santorini “Santorini an historical wineland” authored by Stavroula Kourakou – Dragona is also included, wine tasting notes about the wine and the terroir will be displayed in a tablet. Any questions you may have, our certified Sommelier will always be by your side to assist you.

  • Extras

You can have access to more wine tastings, or wine served by the glass. You may order all our available wines online which can be shipped worldwide.

You can be part of our private wine club! Join us here!

Cancellation Policy: Non-refundable

This experience is non-refundable but can be changed upon request if there is availability.

From: 840.00


Why Cinque wine bar Is the perfect choice?


We are wine lovers!

Wine is for us more than a beverage! It's culture, life style and as wine lovers we know how to make you happy, what are your needs.


Ranked #1 on Trip Advisor

Since 2016 Cinque wine bar is ranked #1 on Trip Advisor for restaurants and bars in Athens.


Certificated sommeliers

Our team consists of two sommeliers, members of the Assosiation of Sommelier of Greece and one Oenologist. They are searching, they are tasting, they are chooinge for you before you and they are creating wine tastings for your palet.

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