Type: White, dry
Category: Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) Slopes of Aigialeia
Variety: Roditis 100%
Producer: Kanakaris Winery
Region: Aigio

Roditis indigenous greek variety Cinque wine bar

The vineyards lying in the highest level of the Protected Geographical Indication zone of the Slopes of Aigialeia, climb at an altitude of 1000 meters above sea level and, some of them, even higher.

Our Roditis 10³ is a white wine created from selected vineyards at altitudes of 1000m. It is a wine expressing intensively the typical characteristics of the Roditis Alepou (in Greek = fox, which is due to its color) but also the terroir where it has grown. We have selected only the intense reddish clones of the Roditis, which give to this wine its rich aromatic expression and a crystal acidity, making it a high quality modern white wine. For its vinification, both cold extraction and fine lees are employed, giving aromatic complexity, full-bodied and enjoyable taste and a long-lasting finish.

The mountainous Roditis 10³ is a modern and rich white wine with the typical aromas of Roditis and the terroir of the Slopes of Aigialeia. An explosive combination of citrus fruits, exotic fruits, green apple and green herbs of the Greek nature on a background of delicate minerality. Well-structured and rich in the mouth with intense but refreshing acidity. It is an ideal companion of the Greek ‘ladera’ dishes (casserole dishes with vegetables and Greek olive oil), the Greek Feta and all types of salty white cheeses. It is a perfect match as well for roasted lamb or goat’s meat, pasta and of course fish and seafood.

Roditis is the most planted white grape variety in Greece. It is also the base for hundreds of “modest”—or less “modest”—and everyday white wines. This is perhaps the reason that the variety has been often characterized as “humble”. In actual fact, however, Roditis is neither a white variety, since its berries’ skin color veers to the reddish, nor is it “humble” since, under the right conditions, it can yield distinct and excellent wines. Moreover, given the fact that its wines are modestly priced, Roditis submits its candidacy to be nominated as the best “value for money” variety of the Greek vineyard.

A bottle of wine is simply the result of a continuous effort, a process that takes on for many years but starts always as a moment in a person’s mind. The starting point is always the vision of a single person – usually a winemaker.

Within a winery’s walls, there is a team of people who will take this vision, they will work on it and, through knowledge & expertise, they will enrich it with special features in order to make it come true, share it and other people can enjoy it.

Let’s have a look at the stories of the people at Kanakaris Winery.

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