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We have great respect for the land we cultivate on.
Thus we create, attending to the needs of this special place and combining tradition with modern practices.

The vineyard cultivation, the art of vinification and the way of consuming wine existed from ages ago. We are using ancient knowledge and experience acquired through the years. Combining them with modern science, oenology and viticulture we produce distinctive wines with character.

This is our goal, to produce wines of the highest quality that express the unique characteristics of the Aigialeian terroir that also match the modern tastes.

Quality has become a habit for us and someone meets it in every step of our work. It is there, from the work in the vineyards to the wine making process, in the gravity winery. It is present in our education. Quality is the foundation of everything we do and we do it with vivid enthusiasm.


The great wines are those that can bring out the uniqueness of the terroir. They can only come from the healthiest of grapes that are also, of good breeding.

The climate in Aigialeia, ideal for the cultivation of vines, predisposes to the fewest possible interventions! Due to the temperature difference between mountain and sea, cool breeze is a common phenomenon. This air currents protect the vines from the development of diseases and make the cultivation in the area practically bio! Our family owned vineyards are certified for organic cultivation as well as lot of the vineyards of our collaborating vine growers.

All the viticultural practices in the vineyard such us pruning, green pruning and green harvest or grape harvest, are carried out by hand and with the outmost care for each and every vine. This happens due to the gradient of the slopes and the long on-going tradition in viticulture practice we have in Aigialeia.

slopes of aigialeia vineyard

Our techniques constantly develop.

We applied the method of Precision Viticulture on a zone level, for the first time in Greece. From this process, significant knowledge was acquired regarding the differentiation in sections of the same vineyard. This differentiation was a result of either geomorphological causes or cultivation practices or even occurred, due to the tilt of the water course. This knowledge led us to adapt practices accordingly. We face the challenges the terrain was posing in order to improve our techniques. This way we produce wines of the finest quality.

On the highest parts of the viticultural zone, 2 meteorological stations have been placed. We are in constant communication with our viticulturists making use of the results in order to improve the cultivation process.

The Rouvalis Winery is a small winery, designed for the production of quality terroir wines.
It is built on the rock, in six different levels and it utilizes the natural gravity-flow in every stage of the wine making process. Contact us to make a visit.

The winery is built with modern simplicity on a quiet rocky slope. All the windows are facing north creating the perfect conditions for the wine. From the tasting room someone can enjoy a panoramic view of the Corinthian Gulf.

Every level serves a specific purpose: 

Level 1

Τhe grape reception

You will find the special cooling chamber for the grapes on this level, the cryo- extraction tank and the pneumatic presses for white grapes. On this level we receive the grapes in small crates and we separate them according to their quality.

Level 2

The Grapemust processing level

Right under the press is the level where the must process is taking place. The grape juice arrives to special stainless cooling tanks through the natural flow and it remains there for some hours until the static racking starts. After 12-24 hours, the clear must separates from the solid parts and moves to another tank, to the next level below

Level 3

The level of Alcoholic Fermentation

Continuing to follow the gravity flow, the clear grapemust goes through the 3rd level of processing where the alcoholic fermentation takes place as well as the rest of the winemanking procedures. At this level we have placed stainless steel cooling tanks for the fermentation of white wines, as well as special tanks and the pressing machine for the red varieties.


Level 4

Bottling, Packaging & the Quality Control Lab

At this level the bottling and packaging take place. The bottling machine removes the air from each bottle creating an inert gas atmosphere, thus protecting the wine from oxygen. There is also a well-equipped oenology lab for the quality control of the products, in which we check the status of our wine at any time. At every step of the process we apply strict specifications of traceability in accordance with the EU regulations.

Level 5

The Underground Cellar

The 5th level is completely subterranean and offers special conditions of humidity and temperature that favour the storage of our French oak-barrels and handmade amphoras for the ageing of wine. It is where our vintage wine series are being vinified and aged alongside with our sweet wines that come from the sun-dried grapes of our vineyard.

Level 6

Storage Cellars

It is the 6th bottom level of our winery, the subterranean storage space. It is where the wines and other materials are being stored. It is connected to the other levels with an elevator, which also assures the communication of vintage wine with the bottling area without the use of pumps.

This is how the circle of gravity concludes in Rouvalis Winery!

Visit us and discover the world of wine in Aigialeia!

We are going to present you the mountainous zone of Aigialeia, show you the 6 levels of the gravity-flow winery and the production areas as well as offer you a wine-tasting, all a part of a tasteful experience.

Book an appointment! Visit slots are available daily 09.00-16.00 and during weekends upon prior request.
The tours are taking place in Greek, English, Spanish or French.

Selinous area 25100, Aigio
+30 26910 29 415
+30 26910 60 380

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