Type: White, dry
Category: Protected Geographical Indication (PGI)
Variety: Savatiano
Producer: Roxani Matsa Estate
Region: Pallini

Savvatiano Boutari experimental vinification Cinque wine bar

VINIFICATION: Selection of estate grown Savatiano grapes from Roxanne Matsa’s vineyard in Attica. Hand picking on the coolest times of the day , chillling of incoming grapes, followed by hand sorting in the winery. Low intervention white vinification scheme. Alcoholic and malolactic fermentation in stainless steel tanks, gentle filtering and bottling.
CHARACTERISTICS: Brilliant, crystal clear golden-yellow color. Fine aromatic character reminiscent of aromas of fruits like apple and pear with notes of violet and honeycomb. Rich, fresh and full bodied with a pleasant acidity excellent balance and a long aromatic aftertaste.
FOOD PAIRING: Greek traditional starters pan fried pork chops, Mediterranean salads and dishes as well aromatic pies.

The historical white grape variety of Savvatiano is among the Greek vineyard’s most widely planted varieties. Whether on its own, as part of blends, or as part of many PGI wines, the variety is responsible for a considerable volume of the dry whites produced. Still, once oenophiles have secured a good Savvatiano in their glass, they will certainly be won over by the wine’s singularity as well as by the fact that this varietal is ready to prove that quality does not come from showing off but by demonstrating its essence.

Some estates have personality! Roxani Matsa Estate, historic wineyard in Attica. The Matsa estate is a 12.2 hectares historic vineyard that has been cultivated since the end of the 19th century. In collaboration with the Boutari family, she undertook the role of continuing the tradition. For her contribution to the preservation of viticulture in this region, Roxane Matsa, was declared “Wine Personality of 2001” by ELDOIN (Greek Wine Writers Association). Today, the estate is composed of the vineyard, a separate winery and a unique residence that has recently been restored and is the home of Roxane Matsa. Life in the Estate gives her the pleasure of tending to the vineyard and the wine daily and guarantees her active participation in the production and vinification process, ensuring her own personal seal on anything produced.

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