Type: White, dry
Category: Protected Geographical Indication (PGI)
Variety: Malagousia 100%
Producer: Melmar Winery
Region: Samothrace

Greek vineyard Melmar Cinque's wine list

Malagousia is one of the oldest and well known varieties of Greece.
The exceptional Thracian vineyards, the fermentation at low temperatures and the four month remaining sur lee compose a wine with a strong aromatic character, offering a bouquet of flowers, peach and citrus fruits and a well-rounded fleshy body with a refreshing acidity.
It is best served with grilled shrimps, small fish, and pasta with light white sauce.
Enjoy it cool at 10-120C.

Malagousia is the quintessence of the modern renaissance of the New Wines of Greece witnessed in the last twenty years. It is the personification of the way Greek wine producers are rediscovering their potential. In the 1970s, Malagousia was a white variety known to very few and thought to be extinct. Today, after painstaking work from university professors and top growers, Malagousia is widely considered a world class grape, producing outstanding dry whites, as well as a few dazzling sweet examples.

Melmar winery is located in the region of Dafnes, in Samothrace.
It was established in 2013, and became active within the domestic and international market, during 2015.
It offers superior oenological equipment such as, an independent laboratory with modern tools for testing and measuring, stainless steel refrigerated double tanks, French oak barrels for the aging of wine, a functional wine cellar with the ideal humidity and storage temperature, a degustation room, and a special conference room.

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