4.50€ (Glass 150ml) – 18.00€ (Bottle 750ml) – 9.00€ (Take Away)
Type: White, dry
Category: Traditional Appellation  Retsina
Variety: Savatiano 100%
Producer: Markou Vineyards
Region: Paiania-Attica

The new generation of Retsina, the one that has  dissolved the awful and bad image of the past, proves that the use of resin can, if done properly and in a way, lift off a wine. Stylish, fresh, opens new roads that seem to be followed by younger producers, mainly in Attica.

With the constant rise Savvatiano variety and the great quality pine resin in the area, Schinopefko 2017 by Markou Vineyards has everything to change any bad impression you may have on retsina. Just try it with a clear mind. We are sure it will convince you. It is worth giving the opportunity.

Pale yellow color with green shades full of freshness.

Botanical nose with pine tree aromas as main expression. Rosemary, lemon blossoms, citron and peach are complemented by subtle grapefruit flavors.

In the mouth, has moderate body with balanced acidity. Peach and citron dominate, accompanied by rosemary and pine needle that lasts long.

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