Silva Daskalaki Winery

Silva Daskalaki Winery is located in Siva, a small village in the Regional Unit of Heraklion, on the 17th km of the National Road Heraklion-Moires.

Here, viticulture and wine production have been the local traditions for a very long time.

Siva is a picturesque village in a rural area. In the asymmetrical hills of the region, we can find different kinds of plantations, such as rich vineyards and olive groves.

Another attraction for the visitors is the small church of St. Paraskevi, one of the oldest churches on Crete, which dates back to the 12th century. Strolling around the narrow streets of the village, we find the church, about 80 meters away from the winery.

The Winery

For Daskalakis’ family, the tradition in viticulture and wine production started in 1920.

Nowadays, the winery has passed into the hands of the people of the third generation. Since 2003, they have started a substantial revitalization of the 80 privately owned decares, using integrated organic farming to cultivate the land in limy-clayey soils and in an altitude of 400-600 meters.

In an ideal ecosystem that can highlight the richness and the distinctiveness of the Cretan wines in a qualitative way, the family primarily focuses on local varieties, such as Liatiko, Mandilari, Plyto etc, but also on international wine varieties.

Moreover, since 2003, the winery has been equipped with machinery in the production and bottling area.

The first official bottling in Daskalakis’ Winery took place in 2005 with the “Liatiko” Dry Wine PDO (Product of Designated Origin) and “Liastos” Naturally Sweet Wine OPAP– (Product of Appellation of Superior Quality).

A couple of years later, in 2008, the winery was awarded the “Grand Gold” Medal for Enstikto Red, year 2006 (Varieties of grapes: Syrah-Kotsifali). The fact that they managed to obtain the highest accolade in an International Wine Competition made the whole family feel particularly pleased and proud.

The quantities produced are small, as the aim is to produce high quality products with the hope that they will gain your preference.


The privately owned vineyards of the winery cover 80 decares, with average altitude of 500 meters. They are located within the wine region of Dafnes, which belongs to the OPAP zone (Appellation of Superior Quality).

The climate of the area is typically Mediterranean, with mild winters and hot summers.
The soil is clayey with some limestone.

Particular attention is given to the care of the vineyards – that is the reason why the agricultural works, as well as harvesting, are carried out only manually.

Greek and international grape varieties are planted and grown in the vineyards. The varieties of Vidiano, Plyto, Athiri, Thrapsathiri, Muscat of Spina and Malvasia are the Greek white varieties, while Liatiko, Mandilari and Kotsifali are the Greek red ones. The international white varieties of Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon and the red Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah are also cultivated here.

Organic farming

Organic farming is the cultivation method used in the vineyards of Daskalakis’ Winery; that means, no synthetic chemicals are used.

During the last 4 years, though, the family has been engaged in biodynamic farming. The term “biodynamic” is of Greek origin; it derives from the words bios=life and dynamis= force, energy. Biodynamics believes that the energy received by the plants from the Earth as gravity or from the outer space (the sun, the moon, planets, stars) as radiation has a major impact on their development. The moon affects them through its gravitational pull that is exerted on their saps, depending on the light on their leaves.

Daskalakis’ family consults a calendar, which is based on years of observation of the behavior of the planets and the other celestial bodies. In this calendar they can find the favorable days and times, as well as the disadvantageous ones, for the agricultural works, which of course have to do with seedling transplanting, ploughing, harvesting etc.

The philosophy of the winery in terms of biodynamic farming is respect to nature and life.

Available to visit:
Address: Siva Municipality of Paliani – Heraklion
Phone: +30 2810 792021
Contact person: Daskalaki Eirini

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