Fileri - Sklava - Kidonitsa - Roditis - Malagousia - Savvatiano

Completely unknown but with its history lost in the mists of time, Sklava (skla – va) is fortunately one of the native greek varieties that survived, although it was almost extinct until recently. Its white-skinned grape variety, grown on the eastern Peloponnese and especially in Argolida – its region of origin – and Nemea. It tends to give fresh and light-bodied white wines with relatively low alcohol and fruity aromas like lemon, pear, and some herbal notes. Sklava used to be blended with other grape varieties Although, today there are some examples of varietal Sklava wines made from producers who try their best to revive this particular variety. Wines from Sklava are expected to be easy to drink and perfect well-chilled when served by the glass, although Sklava can nicely match with salads and light dishes.

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