Strataridakis bros Winery

The vinicultural traits of the Strataridakis family date back to the ages. The privately-owned vineyard consists mainly of vines of the Holy Apostles Sinai  monastery. It is located at the foot of Asterousia Mountains and it’s an important stop of the Wine Roads. The specific vineyard was obtained in 1955 and due to the special topographic and geologic characteristics of the area, it offers unique cultivations of native varieties (Villana, Thrapsathiri, Spinas Muscat, Vidiano, Plyto, Kotsifali, Mandilari) combined with popular international varieties, such as Chardonnay, Cabernet, Merlot and Syrah. The new-built winery of Strataridakis brothers represents, through its characteristic architecture, the basic philosophy of the owners: the harmonious combination of the tradition with the technological advancement. It is open to visitors and gives them the chance to watch all the stages of winemaking and experience the creative “celebration” that takes place from the collection of the grapes until the bottling of the wine. It is worth mentioning that the Strataridakis winery is the southernmost winery of Europe (gps position: 35° 2’34.61″N,  25°14’23.54″E).

Available to visit:
Agioi Apostoli – Kasteliana, Arkalochori
70010 Herakleion
Telephone:+30 28910 71275
Fax:+3028910 71275

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