This wine bar serves up Greek hospitality at its best

This wine bar serves up Greek hospitality at its best

This wine bar serves up Greek hospitality at its best

Sending love to the Cinque Wine Bar, Athens, Greece

A few weeks ago I flew to Athens, Greece for the 4th #winelover anniversary, February 14-17, 2016. One of the first outings I did with fellow #winelovers was a visit to the Cinque Wine Bar. Whether you are new to Greek wines, or already a seasoned Greek #winelover, Cinque is a welcoming place. This wine bar serves up Greek hospitality at its best. Evangelie and Greg, the owners of Cinque, know how to make their patrons feel at home.

#winelovers, Cinque Wine Bar © Spaswinefood

Evangelie is the most amazing host and #winelover. Greg, a professional sommelier brings a #winelover passion to wine.

Greg, Sommelier, Cinque Wine Bar © Spaswinefood

Amazing Greek White Wines
We were treated to a fantastic lineup of Greek white wines.

1. Samartzis Wines, Klepsidra White (Malagouzia), PGI Central Greece 2014 
Samartzis Wines, Klepsidra  Malagouzia, PGI Central Greece 2014  © Spaswinefood

2. Samartiz Wines, Two Rivers, PGI Thiva 2014

Samartzis Wines, Two Rivers Kontoura White (Savatiano) PGI Theva © Spaswinefood

Samartiz Wines, Two Rivers, PGI Theva 2014 (Back Label) © Spaswinefood

3. Kokotos Estate (Ktima), Savatiano 2014 

Kokotos Estate (Ktima), Savatiano 2014 © Spaswinefood
Kokotos Estate, Savatiano 2014 © Spaswinefood

4. Papargyriou Blanc Moshoudi/Assyrtiko 2014
Papargyriou Blanc Moshoudi/Assyrtiko 2014 © Spaswinefood

5. Kanenas, Muscat of Alexandria-Chardonnay 2015

Kanenas, Muscat of Alexandria-Chardonnay 2015 © Spaswinefood

Amazing Greek Rosé Wine
Yes, there was a Tsantali Kanenas, Marnoudi-Syrah Rosé 2014.

Tsantali Kanenas, Marnoudi-Syrah Rosé 2014 © Spaswinefood

But of course there was food. It is after all Greece; where there is wine there must be food.

Tempting Bites © Spaswinefood
Tempting Cheese with Jellies  © Spaswinefood

Now, how can I resist this tempting morsel.

Cheese, with Orange Rind Jam © Spaswinefood

Amazing Greek Red Wines
Then there were the red wines, starting with the Tsantali reds.

1. Tsantali Maypoyai 2013 
2. Tsantali Rapsani 2012

Tsantali Maypoyai 2013 & Tsantali Rapsani 2012 © Spaswinefood
Tsantali Maypoyai 2013 (Back Label) © Spaswinefood
3. Katima Katzimichalis, Aglianico 2008 

4. Kokkinos, Xinomavro, Naoussa 2010 

Katima Katzimichalis, Aglianico 2008 & Kokkinos Xinomavro Naoussa 2010 © Spaswinefood

I so loved all the attention to details provided by Cinque, always with a smiling face.

Katima Katzimichalis, Aglianico 2008 & Kokkinos, Xinomavro, Naoussa 2010 © Spaswinefood

5. Estate Constantin Gofas, Nemea PDO 2013(Agiorgitiko)

Estate Constantin Gofas, Agiorgitiko, Nemea PDO 2013 © Spaswinefood

6. Ktima Vourvoukelis, Limnio 2013

Ktima Vourvoukelis, Limnio 2013 © Spaswinefood

7. Kokotos Estate, Cabernet Sauvignon  2011

Kokotos Estate, Cabernet Sauvignon 2011 © Spaswinefood

Of Course There was More Food
There were delicious pastries to sample.Yes, I did.

Delicious Pastries © Spaswinefood
Evangelie, Owner and Fabulous Host © Spaswinefood

But, of course the fabulous VinSanto dessert wine is impossible to resist.

Santo Wines, Vinsanto Santorini 2008 © Spaswinefood

Now, for something sweet let’s try this jelly and a sweet!

Delicious Sweets © Spaswinefood

Then of course there were fabulous sandwiches. I passed on the sandwiches, but they sure looked good.

Sandwiches © Spaswinefood
More Sandwiches © Spaswinefood

For me it was time for a coffee.

Expresso Time © Spaswinefood

Customers are made to feel welcome at the Cinque Winebar in the Psirri neighborhood of Central Athens. Before we left two young women dropped by to have a glass of their favorite wine, a Kokotos Estate, Cabernet Sauvignon.

 Evangelie, Posing with a Customer, Cinque Wine Bar © Spaswinefood

What I encountered on this #winelover outing at the Cinque Wine Bar was not only great wines and food, but also amazing hospitality. Special thanks to Evangelie and Greg for such a wonderful welcome to Greece. Yes, there was a special #winelover magic in the air that Valentine’s Day. I look forward to writing about other Greek #winelover experiences at Spaswinefood, or you can visit my travel column at the Examiner.

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