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Goutdefrance2018 in Ambassade de France en Grece and

Vive la cuisine francaise!!
Cinque is a small place where every day we celebrate life, food and wine! On March 21, we will celebrate with 2000 places from 5 continents….Le Gout de France!!
Yes, March 21 is a Tuesday, our day off!
Yes, Cinque is offering only greek wines and greek products!
But…how can not be part of this huge celebration of the ultimate cuisine!! Le Gout de France is an oppurtinity to « Parler de cuisine – de cuisine française – c’est parler de joie de vivre, de légèreté, d’optimisme et de plaisir – des idées tout à fait centrales pour l’image de la Destination France ». Alain Ducasse.

Special entry: We participate with our two wine bars!

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