Type: White Extra Dry Sparkling
Varieties: Malagouzia, Assyrtiko, Limnio
Producer: Domain Porto Carras
Region: Neos Marmaras Chalkidiki
Yliana Sparkling greek wine Porto Carras oysters wolt take out Cinque Athens
Vinification: Two distinct white Greek varieties, Malagouzia, Assyrtiko and one red vinified as blanc de noir, Limnio, compose a unique base wine. Selected yeast steams cause the second alcoholic fermentation in small independent tanks at very low pace and at low temperature.
Tasting Style: Bright straw yellow color with fine bubbles. Clean citrus aromas accompanied by hints of yeast. Delicate in mouth with crispy acidity and pleasant finish. Eat with: Sea food, shellfish dishes and cheeses.
Serving Tip: Chilled at 6 – 8o C

Limnio (LIM-nee-oh) is a red Greek wine grape variety that is indigenous to the Greek island of Lemnos. The grape has had a long history of wine production that may extend back to Ancient Greece with wine historians widely believing it was the grape variety, Lemnia, that was described by Aristotle as producing the famous red Lemnian wine. According to wine expert Oz Clarke, Limnio is “One of Greece’s most important red vines.”

According to wine expert Jancis Robinson, Limnio was almost certainly the Lemnia grape described by Aristotle as a specialty of the island of Limnos[5]-an assessment shared by other wine experts and historians. A Limnia grape was also referenced in Ancient Greek writings by Hesiod and Polydeuctes.

Greek vineyard Limnio Domaine Porto Carras indigenous variety Cinque Athens

Porto Carras Grand Resort is a legendary place; it’s almost forty-year history has been written with golden letters. In 1963 a cruise to Mt Athos begins, for the celebration of the 1000 years since the creation of the monastic community of Athos. Aboard known Athenians and among them the ship owner Giannis Carras. They cruise off the shore of Sithonia, entered the Toroneos Gulf and… the fairytale begins. Giannis Carras falls in love with the virgin site.

On the rocky and infertile Galani hill, the famous villa Galini was built by the renowned Greek architect Kapsambelis , extending on a surface of two thousand square meters. A sample of unique architecture and beauty, furnished with exceptional monastic furniture and unique art works.

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