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Cinque Wine & Deli Monastiraki officially opens its doors to accommodate all those who are fond of Greek fine wine and Greek flavours.

In addition, guests will have the opportunity to enjoy private wine tastings, in a very warm and intimate environment that is ideal for couples and large groups as well.

Feel free to ask for any customized wine tasting, our expert sommeliers are just waiting for you! We focus on short entertaining story-telling behind every wine’s journey until it fills your glass, and we love sharing our experiences with our guests.

We look forward to welcoming you, and invite you to join us at: 10 Voreou street, Monastiraki.

Nikitas Prassas


Cinque Wine & Deli is a nice and cosy place in the city centre to enjoy wines by the glass, or share a bottle of wine with friends & family. Our sommeliers will help you choose the perfect wine option, that suits your own taste.

In terms of food, we undoubtedly serve the best quality possible when it comes to our products. We carefully choose and prepare everything that is served, and we offer exquisite tastings, thanks to our selected homemade products.

wine experiences

Wine isn't just a beverage. Wine is culture and it is also an experience. We created just for you, wine tasting experiences, food and wine, cooking classes, trying to make you see beyond a glass of wine. See the people behind, the story, the terroir...

Choose the experience you like and let us guide you on your wine journey!

private groups

We created a comfortable and cosy place, so you can share and celebrate your special moments with friends, colleagues or family. We can help you organize a gathering, a professional presentation, or a wine event for special audience.

Customized services for you in the city centre, offered by our experts.

Secret Wine Experiences

Wine events with limited seats are often organised. Wine tastings with experimental vinifications, presentations of small producers, limited edition wines, and demonstrations of food preparation. These are some of Cinque's secret wine experiences.

Would you like to join us?

wine & deli shop

In the heart of Athens, we created for you a wine & deli shop where our experts will help you choose the best wines & food that pairs your own taste, including your friends or family!

Wine & Deli Shop also offers homemade chutneys, truffle oil, wine vinegar, dried fruits, Cinque's exclusive t-shirts, face masks with our wine logo. We offer various wine gifts for Christmas, Easter, or any special occasion that may occur. We are always here for you!

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