Three wine Cinque Wine & Deli stores were built from the ground up with love, based on the same core philosophy:
“Life is so sweet and tasty as a fine glass of wine”.
Our motivation is the passion for wine, which we lavishly offer, in three of the most famous places in Athens, Greece, where we will be more than happy to guide you through our wine tour, and answer any questions you might have.
The first location is based in Psirri, Athens. Travelers will surely appreciate this area because it’s full of entertainment possibilities, where it shows an interesting mix of the past and present, due to the nature of the buildings, and its overall mood.
The second location is based in Monastiraki, Athens. Translating “Monastiraki” means “little monastery” in Greek. It took its name from a large monastery which was once stood on the main square if the neighborhood. Currently, it’s one of the liveliest areas in Athens.
The third location is based in Maroussi, Athens. Maroussi is a two-sided area. The first half has a green area filled with parks full of trees, and residencies. At the same time, the other half is a commercial zone, established as a destination of entertainment, making it a suitable place for enjoying a glass of wine, ethnic cuisine and other hidden aspects waiting for you to discover.
If you are a passionate winelover and would like to have a taste of our wine range among 30 Greek famous labels, accompanied with various & delicious platters, you have come to the right place! We offer numerous handmade charcuterie platters along with homemade chutneys, and Greek flavorful cheeses, waiting for you to try. We also provide wine bottles and deli for take-out; all you have to do is just ask!
Cinque Wine & Deli will become your main spot in Athens, specialized for true winelovers!
Book with us today and we promise you an unforgettable experience at Cinque Wine & Deli, that will change your perspective about Greek wine forever!

Grigoris & Nikitas Prassas



Our main concern is to offer
the best quality possible, followed by our excellent service. We carefully choose each of our employees, which we respectfully train them to be ready under any condition.
Small-scaled certificated producers
have been our suppliers for many years.
We are following HACCP guidelines.


By the time you show up at one of our wine lounge, we will be there to welcome you, and help you with your seats.
A while later… the wine and food
will be served at your table,
followed by a brief explanation
along with informative videos.


Each day, we feel like
accommodating guests,
rather than just having customers
in our house. Each and every one of you is very important to us, since we follow the traditions of our ancestors just like in ancient Greece. Guests always come first!



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