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Cinque is the wine & deli bar franchise concept that reaches the wine bar experience to another level. Cinque wine & deli bar ranked #1 restaurant in Athens on Trip advisor since 2016. This unique concept is based on passion and excellence. Passion for quality wine and food. Excellence in in-depth wine processing and food ingredients selection. In the Cinque wine & deli bar all our materials are carefully selected either by small producers or large companies, by applying love and professionalism in each step.
Cinque wine & deli bar focuses on the discovery of great Greek wine varieties by
building a great journey. The map and the compass of the journey is the wine culture and lifestyle, along with professionalism: our team consists of sommeliers and oenologists. As it happens to journeys like those, the atmosphere of the wine bar and the customer support philosophy are the elements that create relationships and build loyalty with the customers. Cinque wine & deli bar offers unique wine tastings and secret wine tastings as well, completing the range of services related to wine discovering journey.
By becoming a Cinque wine & deli bar owner, you take the opportunity to create a
premium experience to help embrace all those who crave to discover Greece
through the taste of its wines. Also, you get the opportunity to join a franchise with expertise and experience in Greek wines, with contemporary franchising culture and plan. You become a journeyman and an ambassador of a unique culture and customer experience and also you are awarded with a business model of multiple revenue streams.
The Cinque wine & deli bar franchise opportunity concept appeals to those who
seek a broad guest base. From tourists to locals and those who seek to dive into
wine culture to true wine lovers. The Cinque wine & deli bar is the perfect
destination for all. The Cinque wine & deli bar unique marketing positioning
combined with the aura of the awards are key success factors for starting up a
profitable business.
To join the Cinque wine & deli bar wine bar franchise, you don’t need to be a wine
expert. We focus on your passion to create an environment for a unique customer
experience. You can let the rest to the Cinque franchise partners. They will be by
your side in every step.
You are passionate about wine. You share the philosophy of discovering new tastes and creating loyal, lifelong customers. You are seeking to profitable investment in rational cost and, mostly, to spread a passionate wine culture. If you have all the above, then get the opportunity to bring the Cinque wine & deli bar franchise to your country! 

the concept

Cinque emerges as a modern and – at the same time – familiar concept, combining wine culture with hospitality and knowledge of Greek tradition. It is an innovative business model in the scope of franchising, which uniquely combines profitability and quality of life since the operating method keeps the professional and personal life of the franchisee in balance.

Cinque’s franchise proposal is based on research, experience, and understanding of the times. A family business, which, like all families, can listen to the needs of its members-partners, offering a choice of three formats. Multiple types of stores lead to the satisfaction of buyers as well as increased sales and profitability, none of which involve grueling hours, as the balance between personal and professional life is at stake.

Strict professionalism combined with non-negotiable courtesy is not limited to face-to-face communication but also the possibility to online order fine delicacies at affordable prices.

common aim

Cinque goes after those who love good wine, offering taste and aesthetics to their demanding everyday life. From noon onwards, you will find many eager visitors from abroad who want to taste Greece through a glass of wine and exquisite dishes, but also locals who want to relax in one of its most beautiful haunts of Athens after their obligations.

franchisee profile

The ideal franchisee and his team should be ready to learn through the comprehensive training program, which is due to an experience of ten years, the best practices for the proper operation of the high aesthetic store. They should love the philosophy of good wine and know the dishes with which it stands out best and which, in turn, do not lack quality.

In other words, the ideal franchisee should follow this journey and feel it to communicate it to customers later. He must remember that every contact in his store is a seed of Greece that he plants in the consumer and will take with him when he leaves.

After all, as confirmed by Mr. Grigoris Prassas, sommelier and creator of Cinque, “Do what you love, and you will never work a day in your life!”.

company's history

Cinque was born as a sensation in 2004 in northern Italy, where Grigoris Prassas and his wife Evangelia Tseliou, fell in love with wine. In 2012 they opened the first Cinque in Lamia. In September 2015, he opened the store in Psirri, in November 2017 in Monastiraki, and in December 2021 in Marousi, stores in which the couple’s son and oenologist, Nikitas Prassas, is leaving a dynamic mark today.

All three continuously follow all developments in the wine sector, while father and son sign the wine lists and plan the wine tastings.

Five flavors are the idea. The number 5 in Italian is cinque, hence the Cinque brand.

financial data

Average store size: from 40 sq.m.
Minimum Investment Amount: €34,000
Entry Fee: €15,000
Royalties: 4%
Advertising Participation: 2%

franchise package

Cinque includes multiple revenue streams and multiple uses for different audiences. At the same time, it ensures high productivity and controls operating costs.

  • It only takes a few months of preparation to open the doors of your Cinque.
  • The support of the company’s team includes training part guidance in finding the right location, supervision in the design and configuration of the new store, continuous support in daily operation and management, and simplified operation manuals that pre-standardize all procedures operations.

With a strong brand name, Cinque has a flexible business model:

  • It is the first and most complete experience wine bar in the catering category.
  • It responds to the modern consumer’s need for diversified and quality relief from difficult everyday life.
  • It is a concept that is constantly evolving while always maintaining its timelessness.
  • It is a point of reference for the tourist and local public, building a loyal clientele.
  • It has designed a flexible and profitable business model.
  • It includes multiple sources of revenue and uses for different audiences.


Corporate Stores: [3]
Total Stores: [3]
Start of Activity/Start of Franchising: 2015 / 2022
Origin: Hellas
Franchisee experience: It is not considered necessary
Self-employed franchisee: Deemed necessary
Tel: +30 210 6756200
Fax: +30 210 6752864
CEO: Nikitas Prassas
Development manager: THE FRANCHISE CO.


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