Be part of the finest Wine Club in Athens and bring Greece home to wherever you are.



147€ per 6 bottles

Four payments to ship 6 bottles per year.


59€ per 3 bottles

Four payments to ship 3 bottles per year.


500-1000€ per 6 bottles

Two shipments of 12 bottles 24 bottles per year

Unique and Exclusive

The most authentic, small-producer Greek wines DON’T often get exported, or only in extremely limited quantities. That’s what we find for you!

We also partner with winemakers to bring you exclusive bottlings only available for members!

Health and Eco-Friendly

Everyone cares about the environment today. Support what you believe in!
Sustainable farming/packaging, Organic farming, Low or no sulfites added, No strange additives – no more headaches and hangovers!


Learn the stories behind the wines.
Feel more confident when buying wine
. Become the expert of your friends. Included for you are free learning resources, winemaker videos and a wine course!
We also partner with winemakers to bring you exclusive bottlings only available for members!



Our products are delivered worldwide by UPS


Save 10-15% for double or triple orders, and 20% for referring friends


We’ll guide you with videos describing each wine and FREE wine courses


Trust the experts. No more confusion and wasted time at the supermarket


We love giving so every box will always have a surprise gift.

Discover Cinque's world

Our sommelier – oenologist Nikitas Prassas is behind the idea of the Wine Club. His love for wine and new experiences never stops! Visit our YouTube page and learn all the information you need for wines, winemakers & vineyards! Enjoy it!

common questions

We do what NO ONE does to bring the most authentic Greek experience to you.  If you have dined with us, you know this.

Cinque is world famous for their excellence in artisan wine and gastronomy selections.  We manage a wine list of over 1,000 bottles, and have all the insider knowledge on the small producers that aren’t even known abroad.  We work tirelessly to find winemakers doing something exceptional that you an only sometimes find with the insider knowledge that Cinque has.  Our Club features:

  • Wines you can’t find abroad
  • Exclusive bottlings made only for the Cinque Wine Club – we are doing more and more winemaker partnerships to create bottles that you can only find in our Club.
  • Expertise of the brand Cinque.
  • Endless media and content for learning about wine and the Greek culture – like FREE wine courses and videos of each winemaker showing you their land and cellar.
  • Pairing ideas, wine descriptions and the ability to ask our sommeliers anything in our community.
  • Free tastings at Cinque wine bar when you are visiting Athens.
  • Vineyard recommendations and unique travel tips.

Our members find that our wine club is almost like a wine school, but one that isn’t about studying and memorizing irrelevant and overly technical information which will only bore their friends.

We believe that there is no need for snobbishness in wine, and that “everyone can be a sommelier”, so we give you all the tools to help you feel confident when speaking about wine.

We know we may be far away but rest assured that we approach to customer service and is always available by whatsapp or email.  We try to answer all issues within 24 hours.

We have been successfully shipping to the US and abroad for over 2 years. If you ever have a problem, please notify us immediately.

This is a big question from our members.  Know that ALL wines have naturally occurring sulfites (about 25 ppm) and laws require you to say ‘Contains Sulfites’ if there are over 10ppm, so all the bottles will say this.

We know that you like to relax with your wine, so it would defeat the purpose to wake with a hangover. 

In general, Greek wines are MUCH lower in sulfites than New World wines, and supermarket wines can up to 300 ppm!!  And New World wines can have up to 74 approved additives, so it could even be something else that gives you headaches.

If you are worried about headaches, try Greek wines before you swear off wine completely.  Many of our members say this changed their life!

Yes, we are aware.  Actually it is more difficult ship domestically from state to state due to these laws, compared with international shipping.  We have successfully shipped to ALL US states (except Utah and Puerto Rico) for over 3 years now.

There are 4 shipments (Spring/Fall) of 6 or 3 wines per shipment, meaning 12 or 24 bottles per year depends by your wine club option. For the wine tasting club we do 1 shipment monthly.Not enough? You can sign up for a double or triple shipment by selecting QTY 2 or 3.

We are not Amazon.  Being international means that getting you these wines takes time – but we promise the best things are worth waiting for.

BILLING:  We process ONE payment per shipment, meaning billing happens 4 times per year, or monthly for the wine tasting option.  You will pay the day you sign up and then fall into our automatic schedule for the next billing date.  

*Arrival times can vary by a week based on location and potential delays in customs.  Customs delays are unlikely but can happen, and unfortunately are out of our control.  Due to Covid, shipping times are slightly delayed with a lack of planes flying between the US and Italy.  We thank you for your patience and understanding.

Typically our standard assortment will include  white (which could be sparkling, white, or even an orange or rose wine) and  reds. Unfortunately we are not able to make substitutions, but we do offer Reds Only as well.  For other unique requests, please contact us.

Corked wine is quite rare (less than 3%) but if you have any problems, please let us know immediately and we will discuss replacement or reimbursement options.

Try to remember that we often like what is familiar to us, and some of these wines may be new flavors for your palate. Get lost in the aesthetic beauty of discovering and being provoked by new flavors. Don’t forget that Greek wines are food wines, so pair them to enjoy them!

No worries. You are never stuck in contracts with us because we know from previous experience that our members are happy.

We do kindly require that you let us know 1 month before the next installment cycle via an email as your wines are ordered months in advance of shipping.  And of course, we’ll be sorry to see you go.

If you have any problems, please reach out to wineclub to see if we can come to a resolution before you cancel.  Customer service and your satisfaction is of the utmost importance to all of us!

Hear from our happy members...

Mark Taylor
Mark TaylorWinston Salem, North Carolina
Read More
As a huge fan of wines and new experiences, I joined Cinque's Wine Club, which gives me both! I can't wait to get the next Wine Club with new Greek wine and presents!
Claire Flaure
Claire Flaureamateur du vin
Read More
J' ai visite ce petit bar a vin en ete, et j' ai leur demander de rejoindre Cinque's wine club. Je viens de recevoir les 6 premiers vins et deja, j'adore touts! que des vins grecs, que des sepages grecs et aussi un petit cadaux de leur part. Formidable!
Margarida Silva
Margarida SilvaAveiro, Portuguese
Read More
Fantastic little wine bar in the heart of Athens! We visited once, but it was enough to fall in love with it! Now, as a member of their Wine Club, I can taste all their wines from the coziness of my home!
Cecilia Annolfi
Cecilia AnnolfiPalermo, Italy
Read More
The true wine lover's favorite! The definition of a cozy wine bar, with warm, personal service & an excellent choice of wine, supported by the perfect nibbles to pair with. It is my pleasure to be a member of their Wine Club and enjoy their unique wines!
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