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Welcome to Cinque

For your team building, business meeting or group event.

Have you ever heard of Cinque’s Secret Wine Experiences? If you have, then you are one of the lucky ones who has had one of these unique experiences that you must not miss. If not, great, otherwise they wouldn’t be much of a secret.

The Cinque Secret Wine Experiences are unexpected Secret Wine Tastings, unique Secret Wine Dinners and more, completely different experiences.

Closed experiences with strictly limited seats, only by invitation and priority order, in alternative places that you could hardly imagine.

When are they done?

Regularly. You ask for an invitation and when it is your turn and if you are one of the lucky ones, you will be informed in time.

Where are they held?

You will only know this the day before. Venues range from the private hall of an amazing restaurant to the sitting room of a house, and from a rooftop terrace with a view to the dark cellar of a winery.

Next upcoming event

Get the covid free “Greek wine ticket”

Be part of our next upcoming event! Our newest idea is ready for the virtual wine world: “Get the covid free “Greek wine ticket”.
When registered, you will receive a box with 3 bottles of 187ml, one of the Greek wine routes, the PDO line:
NAOUSSA Boutari 2018 , Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) Naoussa
CHATEAU PORTO CARRAS 2011 , Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) Meliton Slopes
PRIMUS-ZITSA 2019 , Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) Zitsa
Can be used as a game for winelovers too!! You will also find a book for tasting notes, all information needed about the wines, a pen and…a small surprise! Zoom link will also be included. This virtual wine tasting will take place Sunday July 25th at 20.00.(Athens time)
Register now with a fee of 25 euros plus shipping costs.
See you online!




Voreou 10, 105 51, Athens

+30 211 410 8865

+30 694 849 60 02

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