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Cinque Wine & Deli, based on post-bottling wine in 187ml, offer you a variety of innovative products.

Do you own a deli shop and you need some Greek wine varieties to pair with your products? We have the three wine tastings, with three different wines each, with indicators for food pairing. Do you own a mini market or a gift shop?

You could try the box with food and wine, or a wine tasting of Greek wines, with all information needed. Do you own a restaurant and you want to add a wine tasting experience before lunch or dinner? A wine flight in a box is always ready to be served.

Wine Flight

Wine flight

Taste three Greek wines, indigenous varieties with all information needed, tasting notes book and pen.

Greek wine route

Choose a Greek wine route to follow and discover the Greek vineyard, indigenous varieties and PDO areas.

1821-2021 Anniversary

1821-2021 Anniversary

Celebrating 200 years anniversary of the Greek war of indepedence with a box of three wines, related with famous historical regions.

Drink & Pair

Try 3 greek wines of 187ml bottles, and find the food, written on the indicators for the perfect pairing.

Food and Wine Pairing

Food &wine Pairing

Break lunch or quick snack? The answer is a bottle of 187ml Greek wine, paired with some Greek deli. Keep it on the fridge.

Single bottle 187ml

Choose between one or more of our premium wine list, and get them in  bottles of 187ml. (box 24pcs)

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