the Cinque Wine pass

Simplify your trip planning, find wineries you love, and save hundreds.

Unique and Exclusive

The tasting card helps you slash wine-tasting costs while visiting the best wineries in Greece!

Register now and get your own “Wine Passport” from Cinque Wine Bars, and explore the unique terroir of Greece. Find useful information about the wineries of your interest, and learn about the native varieties and the produced wines in every region.

​​How it works?

Once you buy a Cinque Wine Pass, you will get access to all the participating wineries in different regions of the country. It's valid for one year. You just need to book your wine tasting at least 3 days in advance to be accepted by our partners without facing any issues. Ideal for a surprise gift for your wine lovers' friends, buy them a Cinque wine pass, and they will be grateful! They will love it!

Get Your Wine Pass

Buy now and save on your wine pass. You'll instantly unlock 365 days of elevated wine tasting experiences.

Plan your Trip

Get access to our concierge service and personalized tasting itineraries that help you find wineries with the types of wine you love.

Explore Top Wineries

Visit our winery partners all around Greece.

Save money

You don't have to pay for each winery separately, which costs money.


Ideal for a surprise gift for your wine lovers' friends

common questions

Cinque Wine Pass is a membership program that will help elevate your wine-tasting experience. We provide the best discounts in the most popular wine regions across Greece. We also provide a concierge-type service for our members for personalized wine-tasting recommendations based on what they like.

Your Priority Wine Pass is good a year (365 days) from your purchase date. Within that time you can use it as many times as you like.

Wine Pass can save you hundreds and often pays for itself after your first trip. Beyond this our concierge service will take the guess work out of planning the perfect trip. Save yourself countless hours of research and the feeling that you could be missing out. 

As soon as you purchase a membership you will receive a Wine Pass as a PDF that you can print or show on your smartphone at our partner wineries. You can use it on the same day of purchase. You can receive a physical pass by mail. As soon as you purchase your membership you can also submit a recommendation request. 

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