Lafazanis Winery

The history Lafazanis Winery began in 1946 when Vasilis Lafazanis started crafting wine in Piraeus. In 1960, the Lafazanis family established its first privately-owned winery in Magoula, Attica, and in 1985, the family’s second generation laid the foundations for a high-quality, state-of-the-art winery. Ever since that time, it works seamlessly to cultivate grape varieties native to Greece and produce[…]

Nestor Winery

In the winegrowing and winemaking sector, eight hundred winegrowers of Messinia allied to form a cooperation in 1954. For its times, the “Nestor Agricultural and Winemaking Cooperative of Messinia” was as unique as it was pioneering.  The goal of the cooperative was to absorb and showcase its members’ wine-growing production.  Nestor Cooperative chose the griffin, for[…]


A famous polyclonal cultivar grown throughout the Peloponnese region of Greece is called Filéri (fee – le – ri). Particularly, in Arkadia province in the central and eastern Peloponnese. The various clones of the cultivar, produce white (Filéri), red (Mavrofilero) and pink (Moschofilero) grapes. Filéri exhibits an intense, and easily recognizable fragrance, aromas, and produces[…]

Zacharias Winery

Zacharias Winery Ltd. is one of the most important wineries in Nemea and was founded by Elias Zacharias. Mr. Zacharias is a graduate of the Agricultural University of Athens. Their wines have received continuous distinctions from large international competitions, placing our company among the fastest-growing powerhouses in the field of winemaking. Zacharias Vineyards are in[…]

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