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Learn more information about the winemakers & vineyards of Greece and travel to the world of wine.

Ousyra Winery

ousyra Winery The Ousyra Winery is a family run winery on the Greek island of Syros, creating terroir-driven wines from rare indigenous Cycladic varieties. The special name of the winery means happiness and reflects the happiness of the couple, behind the winery, who met and fell in love at Syros island. Edward left Scotland and[…]

Serifiotiko – Cinque’s Guide to Indigenous Greek Grape Varieties

serifiotiko This extremely rare Cycladic grape is a real undiscovered gem for any wine lover. Serifiotiko makes charmingly fragrant, mineral white wines of outstanding complexity. Serifiotiko is an extremely rare indigenous Greek grape, so tasting a Serifiotiko wine is a truly exciting prospect for curious oenophiles. The grape comes from the island of Serifos, hence[…]

M20 Winery

M20 Winery M20 Winery, a small family winery, was established in 2018 in the Aigialeia region of the North Peloponnese. It specializes in producing fine wines from local and other grape varieties that thrive in the region. Utilizing exclusively small size tanks, modern equipment and the latest wine making techniques we are able to fully[…]

Anastasia Fragou Winery

Anastasia Fragou Winery From the first moment of its operation, Anastasia’s Fragou winery focuses on the cultivation and promotion of Savatiano, the historical white variety of Mesogaia, that through the beauty of its taste nurtured and raised many generations and of course the owners themselves, Anastasia Fragou and her husband Dionysis Fragou. Anastasia’s Fragou winery[…]

Moschomavro – Cinque’s Guide to Indigenous Greek Grape Varieties

Moschomavro The word’s two compounds, moschos (muscat) and mavro (black) instantly usher into the “rhythm” of this rare variety restless wine lovers who, eager for new horizons, are drawn by the yet-to-be-fathomed nature of the variety. Mentioning rhythm has been deliberate: Whether transformed into a red or rosé, Moschomavro will invariably invoke the festive ambience[…]

Tselepos Estate

Tselepos Estate Yiannis and Amalia Tselepos founded Ktima Tselepos in 1989. The estate is located at the southeastern end of the Mantinian plateau, at an altitude of 750 meters. The exceptional soil and climate of the region, characterized mainly by the continental climate, poor claystone soils, and excellent sun exposure, were chosen for their ability[…]

Cavino Winery

Cavino Cavino was founded in 1958 in Aigio by Konstantinos Anastasiou and Ioannis Douskas. It was originally a winery and became a distillery as well. The vineyard is located in a unique terroir, in the wine-growing of Aigialia, 800 meters above ocean level in the gorge of Kalavryta. Aigio is located within a unique landscape[…]

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