Nestor Winery

In the winegrowing and winemaking sector, eight hundred winegrowers of Messinia allied to form a cooperation in 1954. For its times, the “Nestor Agricultural and Winemaking Cooperative of Messinia” was as unique as it was pioneering. The goal of the cooperative was to absorb and showcase its members’ winegrowing production.  Nestor Cooperative chose the griffin, for[…]


A famous polyclonal cultivar grown throughout the Peloponnese region of Greece is called Filéri (fee – le – ri). Particularly, in Arkadia province in the central and eastern Peloponnese. The various clones of the cultivar, produce white (Filéri), red (Mavrofilero) and pink (Moschofilero) grapes. Filéri exhibits an intense, and easily recognizable fragrance, aromas, and produces[…]


Completely unknown but with its history lost in the mists of time, Sklava (skla – va) is fortunately one of the native greek varieties that survived, although it was almost extinct until recently. Its white-skinned grape variety, grown on the eastern Peloponnese and especially in Argolida – its region of origin – and Nemea. It[…]


An acknowledged member, almost extinct and out-of-the-ordinary group of grape varieties emerging in the last decade out of the region of Laconia, located in the south-east of the Peloponnese is called Kidonitsa (pronounced “ki – dho – NI – tsa”). A white grape variety, mainly used for the production of white dry wines, as well[…]

Zacharias Winery

HISTORY We have been bottling wines since 2002, but the winemaking history goes much further in the past. One of the fundamental wineries in Nemea is called “Zacharias Winery Ltd”. In the recent past, continued distinctions have been received from international competitions, making the company one of the fastest-growing powerhouses in the winemaking field.  […]

Cavino Winery

Cavino was founded in 1958 in Aigio by Konstantinos Anastasiou and Ioannis Douskas.  Although, it was originally a winery, Cavino very soon became a distillery as well. Aigio, the city where the visions of creating a modern winery/distillery was conceived, is located within a unique landscape of vineyards. The slopes of Aigialia combined with the[…]


Oenologist Denis Dubourdieu has said “Aglianico (al-YAN-ik-oh) is probably the grape with the longest consumer history of all.” Aglianico- a variation of the word “Hellenico” -meaning Greek. An ancient Greek grape variety. Aglianico was originally accessed from Magna Grecia by Greek colonists. Throughout the last 25 years, this variety’s distinct qualities have been present at[…]


Agiorgitiko (pronounced AYE-yor-YEE-tee-ko) is a captivating grape variety that caresses the senses with elegance, freshness and intensity of aromas and flavours. It is a red grape variety and is frequently referred to as “multi-dynamic”, since it is capable of producing a large range of styles, it is a remarkably versatile grape variety, and is used[…]

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