M20 Winery

M20 Winery, a small family winery, was established in 2018 in the Aigialeia region of the North Peloponnese. It specializes in producing fine wines from local and other grape varieties that thrive in the region.

Utilizing exclusively small size tanks, modern equipment and the latest wine making techniques we are able to fully control all the stages of vinification but also we are able to locate and isolate those vineyards that produce excellent wines.

Our ultimate goal is to highlight and bring the best out of local grape varieties such as Roditis and Lagorthi while we also utilize other grape varieties that thrive in the excellent micro climate of the Aigialeia region.

The grapes we use are sourced both form privately owned vineyards and local producers we collaborate with. Aigialeia is known for the world renowned excellent quality raisins and grapes varieties like Roditis.  Our criteria for forming long term collaborations with local producers are based on the characteristics of the actual vineyards like, soil quality, slope steepness and elevation and observed cultivation practices.

Being a small winery that uses exclusively small wine tanks we are able to locate those vineyards that are able to produce the highest quality wines.

Neratzies Sympoliteias 25100, Aigio
+30 699 523 4594


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