ousyra Winery

The Ousyra Winery is a family run winery on the Greek island of Syros, creating terroir-driven wines from rare indigenous Cycladic varieties.

The special name of the winery means happiness and reflects the happiness of the couple, behind the winery, who met and fell in love at Syros island. Edward left Scotland and stayed forever on the beautiful island of Cyclades, Syros. Dedicated himself to the emergence of the terroir of Syros and the Cycladic rare grape varieties.

Serifiotiko from Ousyra winery is an excellent sample of the rare and special Serfiotiko variety. Very demanding variety and difficult to manage but with the strict handling of the experienced, Spyros Zoumboulis (oenologist at La Tour Melas, if that rings any bells) gave its best character. Impressive fruit purity, saltiness, and refreshing acidity make up one of this year’s hits.

After the couple got married, they decided that Syros was a perfect place to raise a young family: close to nature and away from the city noise. Winemaking seemed like a natural path on an island with an ancient history of viticulture.

The first OuSyra wine was made from purchased grapes and vinified in Athens. In 2018, the couple built a tiny winery in their family home in Chroussa. Nowadays, they grow their own 1.5 hectares of vines, as well as continue to buy grapes from selected farmers. Edward rigorously sticks to organic farming, so the cooperating growers have to follow the same principles.

Chrousa 84100, Syros
+30 697 7473967


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