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Oenologist Denis Dubourdieu has said “Aglianico (al-YAN-ik-oh) is probably the grape with the longest consumer history of all.” Aglianico- a variation of the word “Hellenico” -meaning Greek. An ancient Greek grape variety. Aglianico was originally accessed from Magna Grecia by Greek colonists. Throughout the last 25 years, this variety’s distinct qualities have been present at[…]


Agiorgitiko (pronounced AYE-yor-YEE-tee-ko) is a captivating grape variety that caresses the senses with elegance, freshness and intensity of aromas and flavours. It is a red grape variety and is frequently referred to as “multi-dynamic”, since it is capable of producing a large range of styles, it is a remarkably versatile grape variety, and is used[…]

PGI Wines of Greece

The PGI Wines of Greece (“Protected Geographical Indication”) comprise the Greek “Local Wines” category and some wines of “Traditional Appellation”. Both European and Greek wine legislation stipulates that local wines are a sub-category of table wines which have been experiencing considerable growth both in Greece and other European countries. The introduction of the PGI Wines[…]


The need of Muscat White grape for sunlight is essential. It thrives when the sun warms up its small berries, bestowing on their thick skin a freckle-dotted yellow-gold colour and uniquely concentrating the variety’s aromas and flavour. As a result, small-berried Muscat White yields dessert wines of international stature (“Muscat of Patras”; “Muscat of Rio Patras”; “Muscat of Rhodes”;[…]


Kotsifali (pronounced koh-tsee-fah-lee) is the benchmark red variety of the celebrated vineyards of Crete, defining the style of the dry reds coming out of one of the most significant wine-producing regions of the Aegean Sea. Since red grapes are much more important on the island than whites, Kotsifali can be considered as the main grape of Crete. Kotsifali,[…]


Roditis (pronounced “Roh – di – tis”) is the second most planted white grape variety by wine growers in Greece. It is also the base for hundreds of “modest”—or less “modest”—and everyday white wines in the market. This is perhaps the reason that the variety has been often characterized as “humble”. In actual fact, Roditis is neither a[…]

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