Kostifali is the benchmark red variety of the celebrated vineyards of Crete, defining the style of the dry reds coming out of one of the most significant wine-producing regions of the Aegean Sea. Since red grapes are much more important on the island than whites, Kotsifali can be considered as the real soul of Crete. Kostifali, on its[…]


Roditis is the most planted white grape variety in Greece. It is also the base for hundreds of “modest”—or less “modest”—and everyday white wines. This is perhaps the reason that the variety has been often characterized as “humble”. In actual fact, however, Roditis is neither a white variety, since its berries’ skin color veers to the reddish, nor[…]

Avantis Estate

The vineyards are at an altitude of 250 – 500 m. lying on flat places, semi-mountainous slopes or even steep mountainous ones. The climate is mediterranean – cold winters, hot summers and long, dry autumns. During autumn and winter months cold air masses blow doan from mountain Dirphi, carrying dew which supplies the vineyards with[…]

Avantis Cellar Door

THE HISTORY It all began in 2012 when the well-known Winemaker Apostolos Mountrichas, enchanted by the unique microclimate of the volcanic island, with the native Assyrtiko, traveled with the dolphins of the Aegean Sea from Evia, Central Greece, to Santorini to vinify the top quality grape in his homeland. Our philosophy is to preserve the typical characteristics of[…]

Melmar winery

Melmar winery is located in the region of Dafnes, in Samothrace. It was established in 2013, and became active within the domestic and international market, during 2015. It offers superior oenological equipment such as, an independent laboratory with modern tools for testing and measuring, stainless steel refrigerated double tanks, French oak barrels for the aging[…]

Gaia Santorini Winery

Santorini is a unique internationally recognized region with a special ecosystem for the cultivation of vines. The volcanic, porous soil, the long hours of sunshine, the lack of rainfalls throughout the year, the sea mist and the strong winds during summer, the traditional “kouloura” (basket shape) training system, the 3.000 years old in combination with[…]


Malagousia is the quintessence of the modern renaissance of the New Wines of Greece witnessed in the last twenty years. It is the personification of the way Greek wine producers are rediscovering their potential. In the 1970s, Malagousia was a white variety known to very few and thought to be extinct. Today, after painstaking work from university professors[…]

Thivaiki Gi

Thivaiki Gi (Theban Land) has been active in the field of vineyards and bottled wine since 2004. On the slopes of Sfinga Mountain, just a few kilometres from Thebes, right outside Vagia village, the exceptionally spruce vineyard ensures grapes of excellent quality for the wines of Thivaiki Gi. In this small but modern winery, wines are[…]


The historical white grape variety of Savvatiano is among the Greek vineyard’s most widely planted varieties. Whether on its own, as part of blends, or as part of many PGI wines, the variety is responsible for a considerable volume of the dry whites produced. Still, once oenophiles have secured a good Savvatiano in their glass, they will certainly be[…]

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