Domaine hatzimichalis

Dimitris Hatzimichalis is the founder and current managing director of Domaine Hatzimichalis. In 1973 he bought his first 9 hectares in Atalanti Valley which is located in Central Greece.

Atalanti Valley sits between the cool breezes of Mount Parnassus and the Euboean Gulf of the Aegean Sea. Atalanti was home to a tradition of smaller-scale viticulture before Domaine Hatzimichalis, which was an important factor in Dimitris’ investment. Their terroir is surrounded by an ideal ecosystem for the growing of vines.

The first years tend to be the most difficult, but thanks to Dmitris’ long-standing passion for breeding birds, he developed a farm for breeding turkeys, in particular, to support the vineyard’s expenses since the period from planting a vine to selling a bottle is long. The turkey has been our distinct logo ever since, which they proudly display on all of their wine labels and corks. To this day, Dimitris continues to breed these beautiful turkeys.

Within the next decade, the winery was recognized globally, earning several international awards. This recognition was not only due to Cabernet Sauvignon but also from other red and white varieties.

Plants on Santorini are not irrigated artificially and rainfall is rare on the island. Therefore, the watering comes from the natural humidity and the sea mist which is absorbed by the volcanic soil, providing the necessary hydration. This method, known as dry farming, results in a low-yield production that creates unique, flavorful and concentrated fava, tomatoes and grapes.

From sowing and pruning to harvesting, all of the work in the fields is done by hand. In areas of severe slope, the farmers have created terraces, built with lava stones, known as “pezoules” in order to provide easier access to the vineyards, to facilitate the cultivation and to maximize their capacity to absorb rain water. In the vineyards, the vintners have invented a distinct way of training the vines, called “kouloura”. The vines are kept close to the ground and are given a spiral, basket shape that anchors the grapes and protects them from the strong winds. The vineyard of Santorini,.

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