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The Season of Pruning at Cinque Wine Bars

The Season of Pruning at Cinque Our plans to make Cinque Wine Bars an open window to the world of Greek viniculture and viticulture. In Greece, February marks a crucial period in the winegrower’s calendar. It’s the time when the vineyards are bursting with viticultural operations, as all around Greece winemakers diligently complete the pruning[…]

What is a traditional Greek breakfast?

The Traditional Greek Kolatsio Greeks love their bread, marmalade, pastries, cheeses of all sorts, and baked goods for breakfast. Washing it down with strong coffee or a glass of milk, depending on the age, makes them ready for anything! There’s a wide variety of Greek breakfast foods. No single one holds the title of ‘national’[…]

Cinque’s Game

Cinque’s Game The best game for all the wine lovers! Our passion for the wine always motivates us to give more happiness and joy to the #winelover – s!This idea was born long ago but now is ready to be announced! Ready for downloading Cinque’s wine game is on!Get to our vineyard, cultivate grapes, irrigate, and harvest them.Available for download[…]

Melomakarona: A symbolic treat for the fallen heroes of ancient Greece

Melomakarona: A symbolic treat for the fallen heroes of ancient Greece. Melomakarona have their own history, as well as etymologically speaking, its name purely originates from ancient Greece. The Greek dictionaries refer to “macaroni” where it comes from the medieval Greek word, “makaronia (ma – ka – roh – NEE – a)”. It was about[…]

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