Karadimos Family

The estate began with its first plantings in 1998 with Assyrtiko the following year Malagouzia and Sauvignon Blanc were added and in 2000 Xinomavro was added.

Dimitris Karadimos in 1998, being already a physicist, qualified and passed the TEI of Oenology, graduated in 2001. Since then he has held the position of responsible oenologist of the estate and in collaboration with his brother Yiannis Karadimos, experienced in the cultivation of the land, created the KARADIMOU estate.

The vineyards of the estate are all mountainous and privately owned. They extend on the slopes of Knimida about 4 km. Mountain West of Megaplatan (Atalanta). These are sixty-five acres of vineyards of which thirty-two are Malagouzia, Ten Xinomavro, six Sauvignon Blanc and the rest Assyrtiko. Most of them are located in the wider archaeological site of Vissa. The cultivation as a whole from the beginning is organic certification bio HELLAS. The harvest begins in early August for Lefka and late August for Xinomavro and is preceded by a green harvest.

Aeantus Locru 14, T.K. 35200 Atalanti
+30 6977682372

E-mail : dimkaradimos@yahoo.gr

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