Tseliou Evangelia

Born in Lamia, in a small house always full of guests, unexpected the most of the time!

After finishing studing in the School of Dentist of the University of Athens, worked for 20 years in a family owned business.

At 2012, they followed with her husband Greg, their passion the wine!

On 2015 they moved to Athens working at Cinque wine bars, doing what she loves..welcoming and taking care of the guests.

Thanks to ten years french studies, her french are more than well appreciated from french people.

Two years of  private italian courses and of course fluent english.

Private wine seminars and cooking classes, masterclasses and wine trips follwing the family passion.

Follwing the moto:
“Like in love, same in hospitality, giving makes you happier then receiving”, Kazantzakis, greek author

wine Club
Cinque wine bar Athens warm atmosphere hospitality greek wine tasting - evangelia tseliou
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