Cinque’s Ouzo 500ml

Introducing Cinque Wine Bars’ Ouzo – another tribute to Greek tradition, distilled on the picturesque island of Chios in 1863.

Bearing the Turkish name “rakı” during its initial appearance, Ouzo gracefully made its mark, transcending time to become an iconic symbol of Greek culture across the globe. From the 19th century onward, the distillation of Ouzo evolved from a traditional craft to an industrial pursuit, eventually monopolizing the hearts of the Greek population worldwide. The journey of Ouzo, marked by craftsmanship and cultural significance, culminated in its liberation from Greece’s stringent regulations.

Vast quantities of Ouzo were exported to Western Europe, labeled with the term “uso,” meaning “for use,” followed by the destination port. Over time, Greeks embraced, wrote, and pronounced it as “ouzo,” solidifying its current nomenclature for this cherished traditional spirit. The distillation process, steeped in tradition, historically took place in traditional copper alembics with a capacity of around 1000 liters, utilizing a distillation column. While this concentration may be considered small in modern distillation, many distilleries maintain these traditional proportions, making a slight compromise in color for authenticity. The distillate from this process forms at least 20% of an Ouzo bottle, ideally using 100% of the distillate. Nothing, however, goes to waste. In most cases, the remaining liquid is infused with natural distilled alcohol or soaked in the very aromatic herbs found in the alembic.

The result is a testament to the recipe and artistry of each distiller. The alcohol content, ranging from 38.5% to 55%, is verified using a specialized laboratory instrument called an alcoholometer, ensuring that the drink adheres to the protected legal framework for Ouzo production. Greek Ouzo holds a protected designation of origin under European law, ensuring that no other country can release a product under the name Ouzo.

Cinque Wine Bars’ Ouzo invites you to savor the authenticity and heritage of this cherished Greek spirit – a crafted symphony that transcends borders and time.
Cheers to the true essence of Ouzo!


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