Discover the terroirs of Mantineia & Nemea For Two

“At vineyards that are all the more magical for the incredible scenery of the Peloponnese, enjoy a wine-growing tradition that feels like it was gifted by the gods.”

The area of Mantineia is located in the center of Peloponnese, it covers part of the northeastern section of the Prefecture of Arcadia. A high-altitude plateau at about 660m borders Mt Mainalo to the west, Mt Lyrkeion to the northeast,t and Mt Artemision to the east. It must be noted, that the area is characterized by high diurnal variation. This is particularly important during the summer, with differences in day-night temperatures exceeding 20C, which preserves acidity and aromas.

The mythic founder of the ancient city of Mantineia who played a huge role in antiquity, was Mantineas, the grandson of the ancestor of the Arcadians, Pelasgos. The city is known from the descriptions of Pausanias (a traveler and researcher of the 2nd century AD), which was excavated by a French archaeological expedition under the direction of G. Fougères at the end of the 19th century. Amust-visitt the site.

The grape variety of the area is Moschofilero, a rather underrated variety, but it started showing its potential. Moreover, Moschofilero is a pinkish variety, but the wines have PDO status only if vinified as white wine. One would think that it is worth revising this PDO to include cold soaking or skin contact wines that have a pinkish hue, as nowadays some very interesting single varietal wines are made in this way. This enriches the aromatic profile with red fruit (the typical aromas are of rose petals, lemon blossom, citrus fruit, and some spice, with very good acidity) and it is a variety that lends itself beautifully to the production of sparkling wines.

Nemea is arguably Greece’s most important red-wine appellation, located in the northeast corner of the Peloponnese peninsula. The mountains and valleys surrounding the small village have been producing wine for centuries, most transportation Agiorgitiko variety. Vine-growing in Nemea, back to at least the 5th Century B.C., although the exact date is hard to pinpoint.

The via short walkman is around 72 miles or 116km West-southwest of Athens, and the designation that surrounds the village is geographically the largest in Greece. Around 40 wineries are located within Nemea’s boundaries, and the area has seen a huge amount of investment and growth over the past few decades.  It is widely considered that the best examples of Nemea wine are made from vineyards at the highest altitudes, where thin, gravelly soils and lower temperatures help to produce high-quality grapes. A wide range of styles is made from this red grape variety, from rich, age-worthy dry wines to lighter, sweeter examples.

Before the wine tour:

1-2 days before the tour, we will wait for you at Cinque Wine Delights to do a wine tasting of 3 wines and give you any information about it.

🕐 Eight hours tour plan:

  • Transfer

A certified Cinque’s Sommelier will come up from your current hotel at 9 am, and he will be your transportation guide until the end. The chosen transportation vehicle will be a Class E car, chosen for your own comfort.

  • Three Stops

During the tour, we will visit 3 wineries and their vineyards, where we will have a delightful wine tasting with local wines. Also, you will have the chance to have a whole experience of the wine-making procedure in all the wineries (the wine-making procedure may vary depending on the season).

All the wine tastings are accompanied by snacks and water. All the tasting notes about the wines and the terroirs will be displayed on a tablet. For any questions you may have, our certified Sommelier will always be by your side to assist you.

  • Return

The return will be approximately at 7 pm.
Cinque’s famous large platter of cheeses and charcuterie – also a glass of wine of your choice – will be waiting for you at the Cinque Bar!

  • Extras

You can have access to more wine tastings, or wine served by the glass. You may order all our available wines online which can be shipped worldwide.

You can be part of our private wine club! Join us here!

Cancellation Policy: Non-refundable

This experience is non-refundable but can be changed upon request if there is availability. 

After booking, we will send you a quiz about your interests in the type of wines you want to explore.

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