Extra Virgin Olive Oil Organic PGI Olympia 250ml

Our organic olive trees of Koroneiki variety, in the sacred land of Olympia, remain untouched by human intervention. Wind from the Ionian sea, sun, and blessed sandy soil nurture the olives in their own unique flawless way, under our continuous nurturance and supervision. The result is our certified Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, with a vivid golden green color, balanced floral aromas and herbal flavours, as well as a mild peppery finish that will take you on a trip to its land of origin.

Cultivar: Mono-varietal, Koroneiki (100%), from our selected olive groves

Orchards: Mountainous Plateau 10%-15% inclination, altitude 450m.

Soil Composition: 80% sand, no irrigation

Production Qualities: Cold-pressed (<23ᵒC), within 10 hours after harvest

Bottling and Packaging Qualities: Nitrogen is induced in all stainless tanks and the head space of the bottle

Net weight 250ml.



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