Get in touch with the Terroir

This Cinque Box is inspired by the winegrower’s calendar and the season of pruning.

  • A Cinque Limited Edition Bottling of Mouhtaro (750ml)
  • Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil from PGI Olympia (Protected Geographical Indication)
  • A traditional greek recipe from the vineyard inspired by the season of pruning
  • Locally sourced vines from the producer of the Mouhtaro needed for the recipe

The recipe utilizes vine shoots, commonly used in Greek regions like Roumeli, to create a grilling platform for lamb or goat, infusing the meat with a distinctive aroma during cooking. If vine shoots are unavailable, individuals often seek them from friends or acquaintances with vineyards, especially after pruning, ensuring they are properly washed before use.


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Weight 2 kg
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