Wooden Crate with Wine & Tsipouro

Assembled with care and expertly curated, this wooden crate holds a delightful pairing of drinks and gourmet treats, tailored to convey warm wishes to friends and enhance cherished family moments.

  • Malagouzia-Assyrtiko Dry White Wine (Cinque Limited Edition Bottling) 750ml
  • Cinque’s Greek Tsipouro 500ml
  • Cinque’s homemade rusks 100gr
  • Premium greek extra virgin olive oil 500ml
  • Handmade fig jam from Chios 250gr
  • Handmade traditional greek loukoumi bites 350gr
  • Cinque’s homemade chutney 200gr
  • Walnuts 250gr
  • Pralines

Before placing your order, please verify by clicking here that your shipping location (country, state, or province) is eligible for receiving alcoholic beverages via UPS. Regulations vary by region, and compliance with local laws is essential for successful delivery (UPS PDF file).


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Weight 6 kg
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