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Wine profile type D


  • 3 bottles of wine 750 ml delivered (the same 3 we will be tasting in Athens)

“I ” 2017, red dry, PDO Goumenissa

“1879” 2012, red dry, PDO Naoussa

“Rapsani grande reserve” 2012, red dry, PDO Rapsani


  • 3 bottles of wine 750 ml delivered (the same 3 we will be tasting in Athens)

“Alepotrypa”,  white dry, PGI Atalanti

“Dolpins” , white dry, PDO Santorini

“Thalassitis”, white dry, PDO Santorini

"Cosmopolitan Reds"

  • 3 Plastic Bottles 150ml delivered (the same 3 we will be tasting in Athens)

“Kapnias red ” 2008, red dry, PGI Atalanti

“Collection” 2015, red dry, PGI Evia

“Kokotos Estate” 2011, red dry, PGI Attiki

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Since 2016 on TripAdvisor, Cinque Wine Bar has been the #1 ranked restaurant destination in in Athens. And we want to share our love and knowledge of wine and pairings with you!

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Our goal is to recreate our tasting experience that we do here in Athens every day. So, spend an afternoon entertaining your inner circle of wine loving friends.

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