Anyone in pursuit of a Greek white grape variety which promises refreshment and enlivenment, offering unprecedented exoticism in a Mediterranean country, should look no further than Moschofilero (Moss-koh-FEE-leh-roh).

 “Moscho”, the first part of its name, has the meaning of a charismatic grape, the most aromatic one of the Filéri grape family.

Despite the reddish or greyish hue of its berries, it is almost exclusively used for the production of dry whites, and some sparkling wines. It is also frequently blended with other wines (including many PGI ones) where its task is to give them a “boost” due to its superb aroma.

Particularly, the hub of the late-harvested Moschofilero variety is the Peloponnese and the Mantinia Plateau. At that area, where the temperatures are very low, due to mountainy terrain, the Moschofilero-Mantinia has miraculously adapted, yielding the PDO Mantinia whites. Moschofilero has become wonderfully gifted with delicate and exotic aromas laced with notes of lychees, rose petals, and lemon flowers.

One sip suffices: the mischievous mood that its light body, titillating acidity, and piquant finish generate sweeps you away. Unique characteristics can be given when Moschofilero is vinified in the traditional Champenoise method to become delicate sparkling wines.

Exotic, surprising, and replete with freshness, Moschofilero inundates the senses, giving a pleasant euphoria and joy, even when it is enjoyed as an aperitif or when it accompanies elegant dishes. For those people who enjoy staying mentally young, as well as in a healthy mood, regardless of their age, they will find the ticket to a magic journey in Moschofilero!
Those who consider themselves among the connoisseurs of wine, will entrust in Moschofilero their rest and recreation, conspiratorially smiling at this captivating variety.

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